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  1. I love reading all about Hikaru and Koremitsu!! Please keep up the good work! I’m especially psyched about vol. 7, seeing that a deep and dark secret is about to be revealed. Take all the time you need, meanwhile I’ll be waiting in the sidelines anticipating the updates. Good luck with everything you do!

    1. Eres bienvenido.

      PS: I’m currently studying German, but I’m hoping to know more Spanish than ‘Uno, Dos, Tres’

      1. please just oversee these guys who think of it being granted to get novels translated… they just don’t know how to appreciate your work..
        therefore thanks for your hard work till now and from now on!
        hope you got through your exams ~

    1. “Real men make others do the translation for them, and then complain about how slow the translation is coming along.” ~canonrap

  2. This has probably been asked many times, but I’m pretty curious. Is there a reason the uploads on baka tsuki are not up to date?

  3. “Real men make others do the translation for them, and then complain about how slow the translation is coming along.” ~ canonrap

    1. This isn’t a job. I’m not paid.

      And to be more blunt than before, I must say that I’m working on Hikaru…just a different volume to spite people like you.

  4. I would love to have a friend like koremitsu. Seriously having someone like him have your back would be awesome. everytime I read about him in this novel and how he is changing bit by bit bring tears to my eyes sometimes. the way hes trying to deal with his past traumas and how earnesly he tries to fulfill the promises made by his friend. it just hits the right notes for me everytime.

  5. Just want to thank you for the new release, I’ll wait patiently for the other chapters and I feel so angry at the comments from ungrateful people!! Please feel the support from many people like me who appreciate your hardwork.

  6. Pardon my rudeness, can you make the button like chapter 1 to see previous and next chapter? I know im asking a selfish request, but i hope you are willing to fullfil this wish of mine.

  7. Thanks for the translation, hope you’ll see through this project to the end (at your own comfortable pace ofc).
    It’s quite a heartwarming LN, definitely better than some of the recent LNs which I read.

  8. I like this volume in the fact that it confirms what we’ve all been wondering about Hikaru since volume 1: did Hikaru sleep with any of the chicks that were always clinging to him?
    I mean we have heard little bits and pieces of things and places he went to and did with the many different girls whenever he talks about his own experiences and such but it was never clear if he ever crossed that line lol

  9. Great work with the translation, i fell in love with this light novel and read all 6 volumes in less than a week, keep up the good work and waiting anxiously for the completion of the seventh volume

  10. Thank you for your hard work on translating ths LN, i really appreaciate it , i hope this translation will keep going till the last volume of this series .

  11. Thank you so much for all the hard work done on these series, spent a whole day reading this. Really appreciate all the translations and thanks again for sharing this story with others.

  12. I remember that you translated a special chapter on heretic that was in a Hikaru novel you didn’t work on yet (Iirc it was while you were translating vol 5) but translated it because asai was confessing in it. Any idea where it might be ? Couldn’t find it here.

  13. I just started reading this fabulous light novel and I just want to say thanks for all the updates!! I really hope Hikaru ends up with Asai. And I’m really enjoying volume 7 translations! Thanks for your hard work ^_^

  14. Thanks for the hard work. It sucks that’s there’s no recognition for people that do what you do. Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to read this great story. I really appreciate it.

  15. Whoa 3 chapter release in a row, thank you kindly good sir.

    So many tease, and I’m still waiting for that special ship to sail.

  16. Thank you very much for the chapters. I just started reading the manga and found out there is only Aoi’s Arc. Thank you very much for translating the other volumes. Good luck on you exams.

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