7 thoughts on “[Hikaru V7] Prologue

  1. When I first met you, I thought you were an angel. You smiled quietly amidst the fragrance of the flowers, embalmed by the clear, transparent light.
    The white, beautiful sidelong face of yours looked so forlorn, seemingly yearning for salvation.
    I swallowed my breath, and with all my strength, I tried to listen to your amazing voice.
    From that day onwards, I lost my way.
    Stop it already.
    Forget about it already.
    The aching continued to linger in my chest as I wished for an umpteenth time, but no matter how many times it was, I kept coming back to you. The orange Daylilies bloom in the summer wild, and is called the forgetful plant; the one who taught me those things was you.
    That is why I grew those flowers resembling lilies, those flowers colored radiantly like the bright summer.
    Hikaru, it was all to forget about you.

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