1. That bastard kazuaki dare to lay a hand on my cute Yu. He deserves Akagi Full Course Devil Judgement.
    Hidden meaning, please start Volume 9 as soon as you can.:P.
    Thanks for keeping up with this series. just 2 more to go. good luck.
    i hear that a translators source of energy comes form us leechers nagging and appreciation, so fellow leechers please help me motivate the translator.

  2. Is it safe to assume the one who killed hikaru was the stepmom? Fujino I think was her name cuz kazuaki may be a creepy bastard and we know he likes to cross dress but all these notes to hikaru at the beginning and ending of every volume indicate the killer loved hikaru to the point she didn’t want to let anyone else have him if she couldn’t and I’m 100% sure hikaru knows who did it and remembers clearly but he won’t say to Koremitsu because he is protecting her the killer. And since the step mom Fujino was his most beloved and precious he obviously wouldn’t want to expose her because he too still loves her despite her murdering him. Or it could have been all a tragic accident and she was present but why wouldn’t hikaru just deny it outright his death not being a murder if it really had been an accident?

    1. I have a feeling the author likes mysteries and unpredictable stuff, however what you mentioned is too obvious/predicteble ending, hence i belive its gonna be something completely different.

  3. dat epilogue.. can we assume that some shuraba (what the term in English again?)will occur in vol 9? here I hope Honoka or Yuu will come out as the victor.

  4. I was shocked, I can’t believe that yuu is coming, I have no idea what will happen in the next volume, but I hope that Asa also declares her feels to akagi

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