Author: Mizuki Nomura (野村月)

Translator: Teh_Ping

Editor: Snowy223

Editor: Dame Baka

Editor: LJ Collins

Synopsis, edited from MyAnimeList:

Hikaru Mikado is deceased and disembodied, but his soul remains on this Earth; he cannot rest with a task yet undone for a certain someone special to him. The notorious Koremitsu Akagi involuntarily finds himself involved in these affairs when he decides to attend Hikaru’s funeral one day.

53 thoughts on “Hikaru

  1. I’ve been interested in reading the Tales of Genji after reading this beautiful novel. I do hope that I eventually learn enough Japanese to become fluent enough to read the original novel, but until then, can anyone advise me on which English translated edition of the Tales of Genji to pick up? I’m hoping to find a translation that has footnotes to explain the metaphors and events mentioned in the text.

  2. dam , the last vol side story plus epilogue just spoiled my mood for continue reading T.T , why not choose harem you dam IDIOT , at least choose asai or Tsuyako

  3. Im torn between hono and asa. Btw thanks hellping for the translations this ln series is one of my all time favorites

  4. It is inevitable that honoka should be his girl…but seriously this harem is so hard to choose from but I’d like it to end as a harem still and not choosing 1 girl
    my choice would be yu>tsuyako>aoi>asai>hono

  5. Hell yeah ! Finally the big damn kiss ! To think I accidentally stumble upon this series from reading the manga adaptation and I can say I’m not dissappinted.

    Sailing with favourite shop toot toot ! Thanks for translating this series Master Ping, Gale Erick signing out.

  6. I don’t want it to end!!!!! I liked the story so much, I laughed, cried, i had so much empathy with each character, so bittersweet… anyway thanks for your hard work Ping!

  7. Thank you, ping-san. I’m really got attracted by Hikaru ga Chikyuu series. I admire Author’s capability to create this series, when she inovated with fuse “tale of genji” and “the little prince” plus her mind too. Other series from author, interested me too, but this series really hit the mark. I hope ping-san will translate other series with this sense or genre. If you do, please inform me. I will stay to looking forward for them.

    1. May I know who killed hikaru cause I only read volume 1 and I haven’t read the rest of the volume … where do I read the rest… I really want this manga

  8. Well…
    I read Hikaru. All the 10 in 2 days. I did cry and laugh while reading it. This was my first LN.
    Thanks to you.

  9. Just finnished it now… So good and up there in my top 3 light novels. Ahhh such a sweet ending, but know I got to look up another ln too read.

  10. to think that i almost cried reading it… This story will leaving a scar for quite some time for me. Next, i think i won’t be reading sad story for quite some time.
    that’s all for it. i don’t think that this series will have such a sad ending.
    this series is Such a hidden gem, i think. I’m going to re-read this story in the future if i facing hardship in my life and to feel human again.
    Thank you for the translator for translating this series (i do think that you should translate more story like this sir XD)

  11. I only read manga 2 years ago and didn’t know the novel existed and i don’t know if it will reach the author and transtalors or not but thank you for such heartlifting novel i really enjoyed.
    I have never felt this bookworm before much thanks 😊😊

  12. Thanks so much for translating this,

    Wanted to also say I really appreciated teh_ping’s translators note at the end. It was a really good way to end a beautiful series, and I found it fitting, enjoyable and meaningful.

    So thankyou very much hellping folks!

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