January 2016 Announcements

Note: This announcement is made irregardless of whether I do finish Hikaru v10 by the end of the year.

Well…it’s been a lot while, and I already did mention most of my stuff on the Boxing Day Announcements.

Nano has announced that they’ll be taking over the Biblia translations. If you want to read them, go pester them =P

Meanwhile, once Hikaru ends, I’ll continue to scout for series that will replace them.

Most will give up translating when their toys are taken from them. I go out to look for new toys instead. In my case, it’s like going to a restaurant, getting a menu, not knowing what to choose, and then you realize 70 out of the 100 series out there are licensed. Well, just choose the 30.

Who took my cheese?

5560 ^Hm…this looks good…^

Well, honestly, I prefer to be in my cave here so that I can control…almost everything. At the same time, I can’t be bothered, so…

If you haven’t realized, I pick light novel series to translate as easily as a shopaholic.

I suppose that’s what makes fans clamor for LN translations after an anime adaptation is announced.

Well, there are two approaches to this. One is to ‘buy’ a popular series and translate it, the other is to ‘groom’ a series such that it’s popular.

Kind of like free agency vs the farm system.

I’ll be removing the downloads tab since it is obsolete at this point. The main objective was to get the makers to upload their stuff, but I haven’t been bothered to actually do anything more, so I’m thinking, nah, let others search for it. A new series will be replacing it instead, but I’m not sure which one it will be.

Ah yes, I do.

Now that Hikaru has fully departed into the afterlife, I suppose my work is done for one series. (when was the last time I actually completed a series?). Also, to quote from a BT admin: GDI Hikaru.

With that, I shall continue with a new flagship series, for it is the longest one I have here thus far.


PS: Playing Fate GO and looking at all the automata has me wondering if DelightWorks want Clockwork Planet to be animate or something. I’m already happy to get Jeanne (F2P FTW), and Artoria’s just an extra for me (It’s kinda weird that I have Jeanne, Artoria and Mordred as my first line now.). Just need Casko to complete the collection.

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    1. Thanks for Chapter!Can you recommend some good books to read?In addition to tales-of-demons-and-gods.com, it is only here to read.

  1. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    Isuna Hasekura sensei rocks
    And u too translator san

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