January 2020 Announcements


Magdala not done.

86 side stories not done.

No Kamiinai done for the year.

No Unicorn 10 and 11 done.

Guess I’ve been slacking.



Never mind that I was supposed to continue with the bokushinu side chapter after taco dithered on it for 2 years.

As for how much I progress I made, zilch.

So far, the only thing done thus far.


For the time being, don’t expect any translations from me this year.

After all, I’m retired (supposedly).

6 thoughts on “January 2020 Announcements

  1. Sure you did many things. I look forward to see what you’ll bring to us this year in spite of your retirement. Cheers.

  2. Uhhh, could you bring back the 86, I’m fine with reading without anymore updates, but I really do hope I read until where you stopped translating haha 😀

    1. The fan-translations ended with volume 3, which the official translation has already caught up to. Not that Ping ever would bring the main series back anyway because it would conflict with his policy.

  3. Do you know any decent translator that may be interesting on doing Freesia of the Snow Wings, the book from the Flower series that goes between Iris on Rainy Days and Amaryllis in the Ice Country?

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