January 2021 Announcements

As of this point, I can say Mamahaha is my main series. Hey, tenshi got licensed. 86 got licensed. And so did like 11 other series I worked on. (Tenshi, 86, clockwork, Imosae, Ryuou, SAO, Index, Accel World (teaser), Oregairu (teaser), Black Bullet, NGNL (teaser), Another (teaser), Mushoku (faux-Editor), shana (already licensed))

Though I should say, my personal abbreviation for mamahaha, given the context, is ‘My Ex’.


To quote myself elsewhere:

“And well, mamahaha’s kind of like, a flaming cheese wheel rolling down a hill. Weird but too fascinating to look away from”


Why did I pick up that series to begin with? Well, blame Immortal Dreamer for being a slacker. He’s the one who’s supposed to do this.

Like, I finished tenshi v1, went to v2, retranslated v1, and he still owes me a series.

So I took it personally (this is a joke, you don’t have to take it personally)

But well, I just went all ‘Fine, I’ll do it myself’. Why do I always do this?


As I probably noted before, I’m more casual with translating ‘My-Ex’ compared to other series. You guys see that my translation for Diabetes might be a little more rigid, more formal. The idea for that was that Mahiru’s dialogue is formal compared to most of the cast, and to give the ‘uptight’ feel. Also, personally, I don’t really like to use contractions and slangs for third person narrations, ever since Magdala…which I started 8 years ago.

But in ‘My Ex’? Nah.

On a side note, this will also be translating style used for ‘Tantei’, though more of a lethargic manner for the karoshied MC.


A little personal update from me. Yes, confirming that I had a stroke. No, I’m not an invalid.

Somehow I had a stroke despite not having any notable health issues. My BP and LDL is actually on the lower end.

I would have liked to blame Angel for diabetes if it was a cause, but apparently it’s at a healthy level without insulin.



Btw, Mamahaha wasn’t the only series updated in December.

13 thoughts on “January 2021 Announcements

    1. Like, 40 pages into chapter 1 on a single night.

      As for license…ehhh. Quirky enough, relative easy to translate. Less work for me.

      1. Holy shit, that’s a lot. Imagine if you kept that pace for a week.

        At least you cut your loss relatively early this time. Now I’ll just wait to see which series you’ll pick next. Fingers crossed it’s gonna be Shikkin.

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