January 2022 Announcements

Past, present, future.



It’s nostalgic looking back at some of the series that were done. Whatever the choices I made, whatever I was interested in, whatever I nearly translated, whatever I could have changed, they are all the past

Looking at the series I have now, Kamiinai and another one that I have no idea where to post (for now), this is the present that I want to fulfill.

Looking beyond translating, where I can finally put my keyboard down, this is the future that I am looking at.

If, one day, you make it to my final destination, would you please leave flowers?


Just as every anime must come to an end somehow, so too shall I end the little hobby of mine.

Now that I look back, I don’t know why I even hung on for that long, and why I kept my stuff monetary-free. I could have said it’s principles, but even principles can be changed in the face of circumstances.

Is it the work ethic I have built?

Is it the confidence that I have built in this persona?

Is it the ego of basically being one of the last standing fan translators from the era of Baka Tsuki?

Is it the supposed idea that I translate stuff for the sake of viewcount and wanting to be popular, which is why I translate lots of stuff that I like that so happen to be popular and end up licensed? (Looks at the licenses)

In the end, it doesn’t even matter. Dust to dust, ash to ash, kanata e.


I probably left a mark on many readers who became fans of light novels and their adaptations.

Some happy, some sad, occasionally angry (looks at the shipping wars).

Now that I got a bit of time to reflect, I probably got a few things on my mind. Since it’s a little early, let’s turn this into a mini Q&A session, assuming people won’t mind my candor.

19 thoughts on “January 2022 Announcements

  1. Do you have any intention of translating the spin-off volume of 86 which is going to be published next spring? I have no clue of the exact publication date but if it is subsequent to your retirement plan, just leave it aside.

  2. Looking at it now, my recent visits to Baka-Tsuki have just been for js06, a far cry from when it used to be my daily source of entertainment.
    Honestly it’s kinda sad to see another translator go. With these many mtlers popping up nowadays, the only way out is to learn the language itself.

    Looking forward to seeing what that ‘new something’ is and which licensor gets it.

  3. You have my greatest respect for not seeking monetary compensation for all the translations you did (although I remember that one time you added a donate button which disappeared soon). To me, fan-translation is by fans for fans which is why I consider the remaining fan-translation scene to have half-died along with your retirement. This shit doesn’t even pays considering the amount of effort you need to put in and yet that is what you did. Thank you again.
    You are no doubt one of the fan-translators to have built up interest in light novels to the western fans and your legacy is what the light novel scene has become now. I bid you good luck.

  4. Anyway, some questions. Are there any series or volumes you regret working on? Why?
    Also, which series or volume you have worked on are you most proud of?

    1. Series wise, the only ‘regret’ was Shikkin, I might say, for sanity and sanitary reasons.

      The one volume I was most proud of by itself wasn’t something to be proud of, but was a culmination of efforts. Index first series volume 2, finished on Tanabata 2011 after js06 and me tagged teamed it. That was the one moment when I went ‘we did it’.

      Another honorable mention I would mention is Hikaru.

  5. Hi! I don’t post much, but your TL of Hikaru was great and it got me into LNs. Still learning japanese so maybe someday I’ll read the originals.

    I hope whatever your new hobby / life brings is good.

    1. You’ve definitely made me read more novels and you are one of the best fan translators I’ve seen.
      I just started the angel next door so I’m wondering if the chapters and the website will still viewable.
      Enjoy retirement

  6. Did you go to a language school to learn Nihonggo? If not, can you tell me how you study by yourself, what book did you use when you were a beginner.

    Wishing the best for whatever comes ahead of you.

    1. I didn’t, but I just worked my way through repetition and reading, Bought a few textbooks, tried listening, do homework diligently. Minna no nihongo series is one I used.

  7. First thing first, sorry if my english is bad

    So, i want to say thank you ping-san, it has been long journey since you first started translating stuff. To be honest, you’re one of the people who pulled me to this side because the first LN i read is actually the series that you translate (lmao).

    From that point, i learned the existence of light novel and the anime i liked to watch back then is actually from light novel. So this is a sad news for me that someone who managed to pulled me to this side of world is retiring. But yeah someday or later someone will retire, but you and Baka-Tsuki manage to lit and passed the torch of fan-translating.

    So let me say thank you again for all these years and good luck for the stuff you’re going to do in the future. And i hope you stay healthy in the future.


    1. Oh yeah, i just remember, i don’t know if it is rude to ask here but this has been bugging me for several years, so i think i will ask it here. Since Baka-Tsuki DCMA attack, i have seen the Baka-Tsuki homepage says “Thelastguardian (初代 – 2006-2016)”. So what happen to TLG anyway? Did he retire and leaves the team or what?

        1. I see, that is quite sad, at least i got an answer to the question that have been bugging me for several years, thanks

  8. Thanks for all your effort, my light novel journey started with baka-tsuki and still now I love reading light novels, also thanks to your work.
    What are you planning to do after retirement, just lurk in some discord servers or are you still planning to stay in the field, maybe as checker/editing so it won’t take too much of your time?

  9. Thanks for all your work, Ping. Wouldn’t have found out about diabetes tenshi and many other works without you and this wonderful site. Though this doesn’t pay, yes, you did make many other fans and may make to-be fans very happy.

  10. Thank you for your hard work doing fan-translating stuff until now. I found this page thanks to tenshi, and I didn’t know you were doing BakaTest too. I really enjoyed that series. Again, thank you so much for staying on this path this long. I’m not to good with expressing my gratitude to you, so hope you are not bored while reading this long XD
    Btw, can I ask that where can I read the novels when this domain expired? Or do I have to save it

  11. Hello there!
    I am relatively late to the Q&A as I have just today begun reading your Motokano TL. I was shocked when I saw the Final Announcement. You made my day today with your TL.
    To my questions: Will this site stay online? Or is there a shutdown of the site planned?
    I wish you all the best and you just got yourself a new fan. I hope for the best outcome for your future/current endevours.

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