July 2015 Announcements

Note: This message was pre-recorded on June 26th 2015.

Well…I’ve officially begun work, so I’m no longer a NEET…but this means less translating time.

While this means the amount of time I can use to translate is reduced to 20% of my already low level, I’m not sure I’m less productive than how I was before (in fact, I’m more productive, I think).

Now then, what does the new job entails?

Boxes, lots of boxes.

I see boxes in my head
They council me
They understand

I see boxes in my head
They council me
They understand
They talk to me
So, after work, when I see boxes…
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun - 08 - Large 27
This happens.
Right now, I’m working on (inhales)…I’m a High School Boy and a Bestselling Light Novel author, strangled by my female classmate who is my junior and a voice actress.
Doesn’t help that the author only refers to it as ‘this story’ when I had the shortened title of ‘This title is too long’.
The main reasons for doing this series are:
1. Withdrawing symptoms from lack of eviscerating lolis (Must butcher them…)
2. Me taking pot shots at everything LN related.
3. Just want to be hipster for the sake of it.
(╯°□°)╯ɯɐɔɥᴉuǝ ʇɹɐuslɐʇᴉous
(╯°□°)╯nuƃɹɐʇǝɟnl lǝǝɔɥǝɹs
(╯°□°)╯oʌǝɹdoʍǝɹǝp ɔɥɐɹɐɔʇǝɹs
(╯°□°)╯ɹǝᴉuɔɐɹuɐʇᴉous sʇoɹᴉǝs  )sǝɹᴉonslʎ’ ʎon ɯnsʇ ɥɐʇǝ ʎonɹ lᴉɟǝ ᴉɟ ʎon lᴉʞǝ snɔɥ sʇoɹᴉǝs(
On a more lighthearted note, I see that someone has decided to start Clockwork Planet 3 on Baka-Tsuki without
notifying me of any plans to start the series (though I did
n’t help matters by being vague on whether I’ll work on it.)
Hmm, 446 pages…should be fun for both of us. We’ll see how this will go though. I’ll give PrismatiCore a one month headstart before I start my own version before all hell(ping) breaks loose. (After what happened with Mushoku Tensei with nobody to challenge the…patchwork, I changed my stance over duplicate translating)
And since I’m flying to Kyoto…I just remembered that…

[spoiler]They’re off to…The city of angels, the great city, the residence of the Emerald Buddha, the impregnable
city of God Indra, the grand capital of the world carved with nine precious gems, happy city, rich within the enormous Royal Palace similar to the heavenly kingdom ,realm of the reincarnated god, a city offered to Indra and built by Vishnukarn.[/spoiler]

Well, that happened at the end of volume 3 anyway.
I’ll have a Q&A here with regards to translating LNs, but two ground rules:
1. Don’t ask me when I’ll do which series, or when they’ll be done. I’m already flippant enough. One mere question of any due dates and such will dismotivate me further.
2. Don’t ask me to translate anything, even short sentences.
To get things started, favorite illustrator:

28 thoughts on “July 2015 Announcements

  1. In case you were wondering, it said:

    machines translations
    Ungrateful leechers
    Overpowered characters
    Reincarnation stories (seriously you must hate your life if you like such stories)

  2. Ah! Since I prefer your translations, I’ll bunker down and wait for your version of Clockwork Planet before I start reading. A month or more? No problem! I mean, I waited like a whole year before I realized Volume 2 had been completed when I wasn’t looking. Ironically, it was because of that V3 prologue on Baka-tsuki…

    …although I should admit that I did read the prologue.

    1. Well Alex, it depends on what kind of duplicate translation it is.

      1. If it is the word-for-word copy of Saenai Kanojo which happened back 4 months ago or so, I’ll say that is completely out of order on the one copying the translations. (I did somewhat discuss this with the offending party, and honestly, they know that they messed up). It’s no different from guys copying translations off sites like Baka Tsuki and uploading them onto hosting sites like Wattpad without giving any credits.

      2. If it is a few parties doing translations of the same series (and more importantly, volumes, like what I’m going to do), I’ll say that it would have been very inefficient before I did ‘editing’ for Mushoku Tensei, because there are only a few actual translators out there, and overlapping work would not be very productive. After just a few chapters of it however, I gave up, because I had to change so much of the translation I was basically rewriting the translations.

      If both parties can provide the quality needed, I’ll prefer if one is to back down and do something else.

      If the first translator does a better job than the second, I’ll prefer if the latter is to pick something else (or work on his skills)

      If the second translator does a better job…it kinda feels like delegating a job to others, and then realize upon seeing the results that you might as take matters into your own hands.

      The last one was what I always feel. Then again, I’m kinda like the OG in the current LN English translation world.

      Thus, I’ll say that if it’s a duplicate translations, make sure you can do better than the original, otherwise there’s no reason for it.

      1. ahhh so from what im understanding its more of an efficiency/quality standpoint, then ya i understand that and agree

        1. Ideally (and I was once very naive about this), each translator should be skilled enough to achieve a respectable quality in the work. There is already a lack of fan translators (let alone professionals) willing to do these series.

          If the translators did put in maximum effort in their translations, no two translations of a volume should be exactly the same, because each translator has his/her own style of translating. As I did say to a few guys before, you have to determine which is the translation you want because there are different methodologies to go about translating.

          Speaking of styles, for me, I prefer to put a more liberal manner of rearranging the structure to make it easier to understand, rather than my original method of sticking to the original style no matter what. The current method is used to accommodate the readers because the original style does messes with the grammatical flow. There is an offset of accuracy in the text as compared to the original, so it definitely depends on what you want from the translator.

  3. I just noticed that Ways is now taking your Clockwork Planet translations and putting them on BT pages. Not sure if you gave the OK to just copy and paste it onto the wiki instead of only doing links. (Since people will undoubtedly edit it further as time goes on.)

    1. I think after all the talk of ‘this guy deserves a harem’, and so on, I lost it like the FFF guys in Baka Test

  4. You hate harem, so you translated baka-test, hikaru, clockwork planet… Hm…

    P.S. Reincarnation stories are my favorite type! You can probably guess how much I like my life. 🙂

    1. I translate them, but that doesn’t mean I like them.

      I started Baka Test before my hatred for harems begun, Hikaru as an alternative viewpoint of harem (though it’s unavoidable harem elements are involved given that it’s based on the story of the biggest playboy in Japanese Language…and ‘No Longer Human’), and Clockwork Planet is definitely NOT a harem.

      1. it’s unavoidable, giving the number of automata naoto gonna collected.
        and i suspected all automata are female.

  5. i didn’t know you translated baka test….. its my favourite. thanxxx for translating it and iam a FFF devotee too.

  6. Your thoughts on how clockwork survive another series of licensing?
    anyhow just curious did you manage to catch the festivities happening during tanabata since you are in japan?

    1. Different publisher, lack of promotion compared to Dengeki, no upcoming anime…and lots of funny writer blocks.

      Looking at the local Tanabata festival, I suppose I had the same thoughts Mikoshiba Mikoto had.

  7. Just found your site. You shall grant me some peace with these quality translations of light novels. Congrats on the no longer a NEET thing. That was me two years ago. Tough to get out of it till something kicks you to get moving. Good for you.

  8. Is Shippai Kinshi dropped? That’s about the only thing I’ve ever read here and I need moar. Sorry if you said something about it at some point in time and I just didn’t notice.

    1. … I’m so gonna kill kira…

      Anyway, for sanity and sanitary reasons, I don’t plan to continue.

      Author has a new series though

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