July 2020 Announcements

Checklist at start of year:

  1. Kamiinai
  2. 86 side stories
  3. Unicorn 10
  4. 3000 years
  5. Magdala v8

Checklist at middle of year:

  1. Kamiinai
  2. 86 side stories
  3. 3000 years
  4. Tenshi
  5. Domekano
  6. Magdala v8

Wait, when did I add stuff again?


To quote my conversation with a certain slave:

Y: Geh, but really…how did you translate something where no one dies? Still feels not like you.

Me: …I have no bloody clue.

Y: Damn, ping is not ping anymore.

Notably, this conversation can refer to more than one series.


To describe my experience translating tenshi…

It’s a sugar rush. Can’t sleep when that happens.

And because of that, my finger joints are aching away. Ouch.

Lads, don’t translate too fast. Your  English and your sanity (mostly sanity) will sublimate.

So yeah, I haven’t been translating because my fingers are aching away.

(Never mind the fact that I’m working on Stepsiblings v2)


Main priority now is to finish that Nekomimi v8 however. As I joked to a few others, “I’ve been translating this before you guys got into light novels. Wait…”

Checks notes

Started in 2013. I feel so ancient.


Well, at the rate I’m desecrating the English language, I might end up translating into Latin, or Bahasa Melayu or something.

Hopefully I’ll get Nekomimi v8 done by the end of August 2020. Given how wild 2020 is, I might end up with another 3 new series or something. Dratz.

However, I do have to note that I’ve been going into autotranslate mode for too often. Hopefully when the translating technology gets perfected, this site won’t be needed.

I mean, when I look at comments like this:

I really appreciate your translation of this series. Despite incredibly quick uploads, the overall translation quality is extremely high. It is clear that you put in a significant amount of effort into this and I am of the opinion that you should take great pride in your work. Have an amazing week and stay safe during these times.


I just feel ashamed about it.

On one hand, I need editors. On the other hand, being an editor for me is a death sentence.

Ah whatever, I’ll wing it.


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