June 2015 Announcements

In the month that brought to you the reinstatement of the Hidan no Aria series (yes, I don’t consider what was ‘officially’ released as official) and the introduction of a new LN series called Haiyore Phil Jones-san.

Clockwork Planet 2 is completed…for quite a while. Though if I want to continue with volume 3, I’ll prefer to have images of better quality, like what was used for volume 2.

Fans: But what about Hikaru v7?

False Assurance


Okay, all hands (two of them), retreat back to fantasia.

Further plans for this month? Begin work at Wagnaria, I guess while looking for another job.

Plans for what’s to be translated…it’ll be a lucky draw similar to the Draft Lottery or something. Random picking from a washing machine of books. I’m getting more and more lethargic, maybe I should go back to playing sports again…and then there’s work.

Let the lucky draw begin…

It’s Rokujo. Whelps.

In such situations, this is where I echo a certain sentiment

Time Machine


And speaking of Clockwork, I am finally going to Japan for the first time in my life…to Osaka.

Well, since Kyoto’s nearby, I wonder if I’ll end up finding Naoto and RyuZU over there.

Clockwork Planet is the one series where I literally had to break the swear filter…and I don’t even swear when talking in real life. This is the one series where I picked up another language, swear language, though I really don’t like the idea of actually knowing how to translate swearing into swearing…

I can’t really think of what to write this time, so given the saying ‘A picture tells a thousand words’, I guess 3 pictures will give 3,000.

I’ve given up the below volume, but it’s kinda fun to read rather than to translate. #Ivebeensayingthisfor6yearswhyamistilldoingthis
000 (4)


As Muttsurini will say: …Just a little higher…!

PS: Regarding the manga Grand Blue by the Baka Test author (illustrated by the Amagi manga artist), it’s a story about Scuba Diving (that’s a lie, that’s just a small part), alcohol jokes (content high enough to vaporize when poured out), naked jokes (the naked body is the protagonist’s uniform), and more alcohol jokes (I kinda think one of the staff involved is a AoT fan or something). Think of it as baka test cranked up. (Lead girl’s a Minami expy), and the only thing missing so far’s the cooking.

PS2: I got bored, so I made this up.

Marie Meister

28 thoughts on “June 2015 Announcements

      1. Hikaru Volume 9? Are you skipping 7 and 8?
        Btw, thanks for translating it so far. Somehow it became my favorite LN.

  1. if you want a better image scan for clockwork planet how about this [URL=”http://https://mega.co.nz/#!CBMkXLSS!y1iiTKDbaIUXTOmbfvOkjN2vQZQ3lVOZOJZL3ukR8sQ”]http://https://mega.co.nz/#!CBMkXLSS!y1iiTKDbaIUXTOmbfvOkjN2vQZQ3lVOZOJZL3ukR8sQ[/URL] courtesy to amario from jcafe

  2. Oh you’re going to do Clockwork Planet 3? niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Loving this series.

    Hope the original author writes faster too ><"

  3. wait are you skipping volume 7???? please don’t I beg you. I will wait if it requires but don’t break the sequence please!!!

  4. Will you translate Volume 3 of Clockwork Planet? It seems that there are good quality images already.

    1. Only completed 1 because Kira…no intentions for continuing this sanitary series, for sanity reasons.

  5. Ahh, Rokujo! That’s great since I think Kazuaki is a pretty interesting character.
    Thank you for translating the Series at all. 🙂 And all the other LNs too.

  6. To be honest, I wish I’ll be able to read Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi someday. But let’s just ignore this wish of mine.
    Thank you for the lol– Clockwork Planet. I’ll definitely savor it word by word. *drooling*

  7. Also asking on the status of CloPla, I thought that was Ping-sama exclusive series since I’m confused on the B-t version of it.

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