June 2016 Announcements

Clockwork Planet 3 is almost done…just Chapter 4 and epilogue to go (and they’re 150 pages long in total)

After that, I’ll be on my way…Tabi no Tochuu style.

To be honest, I’m rather amazed that I’m able to translate this much when I’m translating on the phone.

However, it’s kinda sad that the only time I feel rest is when I’m working.

For someone who wants to be a slacker, I find myself being a workaholic instead.

Probably the reason why I decided to translate so many series is to keep myself busy.

Now then, my random topic of this month? Giving up series.


Now, as some of you may know, I really don’t like giving up series. As for why that is the case, the answer is simple:

As a reader, I want consistency in the projects.

Now, I admit that switching between series is going to cause me to slip up from time to time.

But at the same time, after my experiences working on Sword Art Online, I don’t like it when the terms are switched around. I really liked my time working with BeginnerXP and Pryun during late 2011 to 2012, and we had standards, terms that we are to abide by. That formed my conviction in working on projects later on.

It’s kinda funny that when I first started out, I had a thinking that if every reader on Baka-Tsuki is to contribute 10 pages of translations, all projects will be completed. Alas, such an idealistic thinking. I don’t hate myself for thinking that way however, since it meant that I can continue to work on stuff I like.


When Nano asked me if I could give up on Biblia to his team, I felt conflicted.

On one hand, I admit that I have been taking up too many series.

On the other hand, I think of each project of mine as my kids.

When BAFT asked me if I can give him Bokushinu to do, I felt conflicted again.

In both cases, I allowed them to take over, but I made sure to check for issues.

That’s the most I can do in ‘giving up’, I suppose, unless they’re so bad that I disown them.

Or, you know, corporate figures.


So far, I’ve been working on Clockwork 3 and Long Title 2. There’s a lot of stuff going on, and I’ve been slowing down.

Let’s just see whether I get back to speed soon enough.


To be honest, I’m kind of tired of doing anything. No motivation to work, no motivation to translate, no motivation to do anything. Everything feels like a chore.

So I’m going to mix things up and spend more time reading instead of translating. Maybe it’s due to a lack of the romantic ala Hikaru.

That, I suppose, is my main motivation for picking new series, to give myself a renewed motivation to continue to work.

And speaking of picking up series, coming soon, an official announcement. Restarting August 9th, 2016, on Baka-Tsuki only:




On a side note, I’m hereby introducing my KonoSuba team. Figure out who are the team members.



  1. i’m very thankful for your translation over sword art online.
    SAO is my First novel i’ve ever read before other, so one more time
    Thanks for your translation, and picked up a Kamisama no Memochou

  2. Thanks ping for offering us all those marvelous translations. Quality, consistency, picking up only good titles and avoiding cliche/trendy series makes your site so good (and unfortunately a bit unpopular as the majority prefers below average MTL and OP/harem etc.) All those years and you still remaining one of the best and most active translators. 😀

    ps. Relative to BT
    Unfortunately after the latest purchase Kadokawa will start targeting all the fansub translations. I really wonder why the BT council avoid making a private section in BT that will host all the licensed/DMCA material (visible only to registered users). Licensed material with average/misleading official translations, more than 10 abandoned up-to-date projects (~170 Volumes), etc I believe it’s time to resolve some of those issues…

  3. when the vote for whitch series will do next ends? Beacause I cant wait for ZnT anymore i readed 2 years ago from vol1-18 and the translators stopped little before enters to the good part.

  4. I guess that just showed that you have aged. It would be hard pressed to see someone who is static *cough* god *cough*. Whether you decided to leave the tln scene or just be sporiadic, it is up to you. However, you should keep in mind that you are one of the few that helped paved the novel scene which the manga and anime tln scne hated in the beggining (remember the drama of them accusing stealing translators).
    Even though new readers who would settle for trash mtln are a dime a dozen. You should know that leechers from the age of melancholy 8 years ago is still here.And i am inspired by you guys (older translators) that i am minoring in my college jap lang stud so i can help this scene. Should i wait till im jlpt 2 proficient or is 3 good enough?

  5. That’s great news about the progress on Clockwork Planet v3. I’m excited to read it once you finish. 🙂

  6. Hey, TP, is there a reason why comments are disabled on the V3 Clockwork page? Because of this, there isn’t really a place for people to comment with links to their compiled pdfs and epubs.

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