June 2018 Announcements

Kamisama Arigatou~

Yeah, I’m having Monogatari flashbacks as I type this out.

You see, as of this point…I’m planning to finish all the projects I have owed on Baka-Tsuki. That will be Gundam Unicorn, and Kamisama no Memochou.

So I’ll be kinda busy with these two series, just one volume each. After that, I’ll try to slow down my commitments as a fan translator, and look to involve myself in pressing matters.

Working on the older series I have owed gives me a sense of melancholy, that of the older series I consider niche, it’s unlikely any of them will gain much popularity, and let’s be honest, why should I be translating series no more than a hundred will read? However, given that I had decided to start with them, I will continue to attempt to finish them. Thus, my choice of Sunday Without God as my ‘final series’, to also be a ‘parting gift’. Given that it is a coming-of-age story, I do suppose it is time for me to abandon the last vestiges of my childhood I subconsciously cling upon.

As you guys can tell, I’m as tired as ever.

On this site, there remains 4 incomplete series, and once I’m done with all my series, there will be 3 completed, and 1 most likely to be dropped (due to licensing, of course).

Magdala in particular is one series I demand myself to finish by the end of the year.

Meanwhile I’m typing such ramblings with ‘Stairway to Heaven’ playing…

And like the end of this following story, the site shall soon come to a close. How long it will take? I don’t know.

Until then, I shall continue to deliver as much as I can, until either I’m done, or the licenses/DMCA finishes me off.



3 thoughts on “June 2018 Announcements

  1. Thanks for your contribution to fans of Japan Novels to this community, without you i’ll probably never read something called light novels, and i’m happy that you’re still translate Kamisama no memochou, i was hoping to read this series after watching the anime. Once again thanks for your translation

    sincerely your fans

  2. I held out watching Kamisama anime because the novel isn’t translated. Atleast there’s someone who will read your final work.

  3. Thanks for considering translating KamiMemo. You can me add me to the list of people who are waiting for the transaltions.

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