June 2020 Announcements (Take two)

Take two.


Frozen: https://mangadex.org/title/48141/otonari-no-tenshi-sama-ni-itsunomanika-dame-ningen-ni-sareteita-ken

here someone did tenshi

time to start V2

: ^ )

Ping: Hold my beer until I’m done.

14 hours later…

Ping: Done


Well, the thing is, I would say I’m rather fast. Too fast that editors have been dying left right and center.

While I would like to get editors, I don’t have money to pay since I’m not earning a single cent on this site (Say, you don’t see any ads/donation/patreon here, do you?)

That, and most of the editors who have worked with me have died off. Some have died at least 25 times over.

Looks at a certain Yuuki.

So why did I end up doing mamahaha anyway?

Just thought about having a permanent facepalm planted onto my forehead, that’s why. It’s been a while since I did that, back in Infinite Stratos.

Don’t expect translations from me now since my fingers are still swollen.

[Angel] 11/11 Pocky & Pretz Day Special


4 thoughts on “June 2020 Announcements (Take two)

  1. Are you going to be translating angels web novel or just short stories. Also thanks for the translations and stay safe.

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