June 2021 Announcements

Plays Magus Killer

Spamming translations, roasting readers, getting my brain legionfied.

Wait…that doesn’t work.

First of all, tenshi. No updates on this thus far as there aren’t any new chapters for the time being. Yep, no chapters at all for the time being.

Second, kamiinai, I should be able to finish v2 in June. I’m planning to work through 1 volume per month…should be doable. Looks at tanmoshi v5 done in 5 days.

Third, myex, as you can see from the background, this is a very wholesome series. ETA for v6 though…

The Chinese fans have a saying: Normal neighbor Mahiru Shiina, normal stepsibling Yume Irido.



As I did state before, I did pick kamiinai as my retirement series. It’s a coming of age story, not the best out there, but something I’ll be content to end with.

Oh, and let me bust out another old series I haven’t touched in a while.

What’s with me and silver haired girls? Am I Subaru?


8 thoughts on “June 2021 Announcements

  1. Hi, thanks for all the work you do for us!
    Do you have a donation button? <3

    Btw I'm looking forward to the next not NSFW-background lol, for every chapter I read I modify the website HTML source code to make it SFW

  2. Just saw something interesting. There’s a volume 11 for the Unicorn novels. Are you going to bother translating it?

  3. Wait can anyone tell me, who is utterly clueless how to use this website, how to read novels that is translated here? Especially tanmoshi, i came here to check if they were translating volume 5, but i can’t even find previous volumes. Is this website confusing or i dont have brain cells or something? Oh and by the way is there a discord server for this website?

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