Access the Magdala de Nemure V1 Prologue translation here.

And I’ll host a rework of the Biblia V1 Prologue here. This won’t be replacing the version on BT, because I want to respect what CE did.

Don’t worry about the few projects we have here, there will be more. Of course, if anyone is interested in helping out as translators (for some particular projects, I don’t think I can do every series by myself…), editors (especially for Biblia) and proofreaders (always a necessity), please proceed to the ‘contact us’ tab.

2 thoughts on “Magdala V1 Prologue on BT.

  1. I second that competent proofreaders would be a strong asset to our team; however, I do stress that you be competent before applying. As a proofreader, you absolutely must have a confident grasp of English spelling, grammar, and stylistic usage.

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