This is Isuna Hasekura, and it has been a while. A year has passed since the previous series ended, and the new series is finally released. I am sorry to keep everyone waiting……

To those I am interacting with for the first time, please continue to take care of me.

This new series was written in the meeting room of the editorial branch for one and a half months, every single day, and it is a first time experience for me. My writing speed is only half that of my usual, but it is very difficult working every single day…I did not expect waking up punctually every single morning to be such a chore!

On a side note, the title of this series was already decided beforehand, but in my initial proposal, there were three options for the story to choose from. I felt the one most likely to succeed was a Sci-Fi brain panic story…but though this was the case, I ended up writing something else completely. This is a story about
Alchemists (or something similar to them).

The previous work is set in a world similar to the Middle Ages of Europe, but there was not too much topics in regards to be refining. To be honest, I did not manage to read the research notes. This time, I had a little information, and I tried writing it because I found it interesting.

But the troubling thing was that I could not use any modern knowledge. The refined metals in the work were actually oxides, but they were being described as pure substances in the story. They most probably did not know about this point back then. There was also once when I personally saw some minerals, and found many names and colors to be different, so it was very difficult in this regards. Even though two items may be the same mineral, they may look completely different because of the impurities, so it is very surprising for me.

Also, the protagonist has been criticized by the editor-in-charge as being someone who had attained everything in life. It is true this might be the first time I have written someone with such a personality, but I really like him.

And so, I managed to write a new series while finding my way through. I hope everyone can take care of me.


Also, Mr Nabeshima is in charge of the illustrations. Despite his hectic schedule, he still accepted this job, and I am really grateful for that. In fact, it seemed he had met me when I first started out, and I gave him an autograph that time. I forgot about it completely, “It is important to remain earnest!” but this is what I feel. Haha.


Currently, I am starting to write the second volume, and I hope to do my best and deliver the book to your hands.
Then, let us meet in the next volume.


Isuna Hasekura.

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