It has been a while, everyone. This is Isuna Hasekura. I am relieved that the second volume was completed earlier than expected.

However, since I spent one and a half months writing the first volume, this time, I would…alas, it’s a dream. But so, I did write this volume with a happier feeling than before, so i suppose this is a zero-sum game.

Now, as for why this is the case, as I reread the draft, I found myself giggling at more parts than I did in volume 1. Even the editor-in-charge made a rare exclamation “Are you planning to make this a fanservice scene?” He typically would not say such words to me, so it really was a rare moment. To those who have yet to read this volume, please look forward to it. To those who have read it, please guess if that scene is the one who had in mind.

And so, please take care of me in the second volume.

Also, a note to those who have read this work, that thing that appeared in this work does exist. The basic materials used to make it were identified, and of course, there are existences of that thing currently.

As for whether it could be used freely, I saw photos of it. It really could be used to a point where I can imagine the name. It was something used for the poles for hunting lances owned by European nobles, but nobody knows how to make it nowadays. The Ancients are really amazing, I feel.

I suppose there will be all kinds of similar things appearing in the next volume.


I wrote quite a lot, but since there is still half the space left, I shall talk about my personal matters.

I rented a house by the seaside. To be honest, it is in the countryside. I can catch natural Unagis from the river near my house, and I can look at the sea while writing. There are a lot of people in the city, and it is noisy, so I wanted to start writing in a quiet environment…that was when I really took action and fulfilled a delusion. In fact, I did think of moving houses a long time back, and after much struggle, I did it! I do not know how long I will stay here, and if I fail to mention it the next time, I probably fail here. While it is nice and quiet during the day, it is too quiet at night, dead silent…

However, since I spend my time doing nothing at night, I did manage to cultivate a habit of sleeping early and waking up early. If only this does contribute to my writing speed…and with this, the pages are filled up.


To Mr Nabeshima, the illustrator, thank you for providing the amazing illustrations again.

For example, let us meet again in the next volume. Until next time.


Isuna Hasekura.

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