It has been a while, everyone. This is Isuna Hasekura. After half a year, a new volume is published again.

It did not seem that long back when the framework for this new series was established, but it is now the 3rd volume. Time certainly flew by quickly.

I hope for the next volume to be completed quickly, so that in the next afterword, I will be shocked to realize, it’s the 4th volume already?

After rereading this 3rd volume, I felt that it was Weyland’s turn this time. He had few appearances, but his position seemed interesting. The relationship between Fenesis and Kusla developed, and as an author, I am looking forward to it to. I will be spoiling the story if I write too much here, so I shall stop.


Personal life-wise, I have obtained a hunting license. That hunting was due to being influenced by a certain manga.

But obtaining a gun license was really troublesome, so I shall leave it. It seems that I will not accomplish anything if this keeps up. Shall I put some hunting traps…

This Summer, I might go kayaking to. This one does not require a permit, so I guess I should be able to do it immediately. However, thinking about how I need a driver’s license, I just feel the road in front of me is foggy.

February, I went to Taiwan, and my old habit of wanting to learn a foreign language happened again. This little habit occurs regularly, and it was cheaper to go to Taiwan than to Okinawa, and I spent the same amount of time playing. The internet facilities were really sufficient, the environment wonderful that I could think, if only I can stay overseas to learn a foreign language and work at the same time…

To note, I have learned how to use Skype for discussing work. Now I can leave Japan at any time!

Thinking about all these, the days passed by.


After rambling so much, I have finally finished my manuscript.

Now then, let us meet again in the next volume. Until next time.


Isuna Hasekura.

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