Hello there, this is Isuna Hasekura. It does seem like the 4th volume has arrived in the blink of an eye. Even so, it has been five months since the previous volume. I do apologize for making everyone wait. During this time, I was optimistic, planning to release this in April or so, but…in any case, I did enjoy myself writing, and I hope this joy can be conveyed to everyone.

Speaking of which, the original material of this main content does exist. The specific materials and proportions were rumoured not to have been passed down, so if anyone is to ask if the fluids from back then could be replicated, the answer would be no. However, I do feel that saying it did exist should be fine. Regarding the installations, it was said the design was more intricate, and there were visuals, resembling a portable dryer even. Given current living standards, it is something that is taken for granted, but the people back then must have been shocked to see it, so I had such a thought as I wrote this story.

The season of this work was to be the harsh winter in the North, extremely cold, but I am writing this afterword when summer has just started, and for many, it is the first day of summer break, sometimes even the end of term. I do find it intriguing to be writing a winter story during a hot summer day. Also, I do not have the advantage of feeling cold. Speaking of which, thirty days and more of vacation seemed like an eternity back in the day, so much that I can’t believe it, but now, after a roll, sleep, time passes so fast. Only the feeling of being hassles for assignment remains…no, I just have to work hard and finish it!

But I suppose summer is better. It gives the feeling of new developments happening in a snap. That’s why textbooks of foreign languages and programming codes have been piling up on my bookshelf. B-but I just need to learn one to show progress! This is the spirit I want, I think.

After writing these, the volume has ended. With the pretty illustrations from Mr Tetsuhiro Nabeshima, please look forward to the next volume!

The next volume should be set in the cold seasons…so I think as the electric fan is on.

Isuna Hasekura

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