It’s been a while. Isuna Hasekura here. Another five months passed. I do apologize for making everyone wait. I wanted to try writing three books a year, but a long time passed before I realized. It is troublesome. I guess it’s probably down to me dabbling in online games. Gaming’s really a hindrance. I tried uninstalling a few times, but every time, I ended up installing again a few days later. Really shows how weak my determination in.

And during this time, I had a huge sneeze, causing myself to strain my back. It’s the fourth time. When I lie on the bed, I think that when I get up, I’ll have to start exercising again, and get back to living a healthy life…once recovered, as expected, I didn’t continue with what I planned. Guhhh.

Let’s hope I can work hard, exercise, and clean up my room.

Now then, let’s talk about this volume. After submitting the manuscript, I met the editor-in-charge A-sama, who summarized the volume by saying “This Kusla…” . I guess the readers who’ve read this volume should feel the same. I wonder if everyone who read it can guess from the publication issues. Just to note, as an author, what I’ll say is, how did it end up like this!? Of course, it’s not that I wrote it badly, just that Kusla’s shadier than I thought, smarter and shrewder…how his character will change as the story develops, I’ll have to write to know. It’s really intriguing. Fenesis too has grown quite a bit, no longer that fluffy, cute little heroine unknowingly.

To note, this volume contains no special fantasy element. I can’t say there’s none at all, but I didn’t intentionally write it in…the ‘ice miracle’ Kusla showed in this volume really exists. Strange, isn’t it? This experient can be done at home using cola. But don’t do it with a glass bottle! Or the freezer will be a mess.

Speaking of which, the story of this volume can be said to be a turning point. I’m probably done with half of the plot. Like the last series, I thought of the ending, so I want to keep writing excitedly. But the more I write, I end up thinking, each volume seems rather plain…should I add some plot, some intense fighting scenes? Of course, this is a joke.

The next volume shall be delivered at about the same pace. Please look forward to it.

Isuna Hasekura

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