Thank you all for the care shown till this point. This is Isuna Hasekura. I guess I blurted this out because I always start off with this in my emails. Only today did I notice this. Thank you all for the care shown till this point. This is Isuna Hasekura.

Compared to the previous volume, this one is a little delayed, but surprisingly, I was not playing games. Instead, this might be the busiest time I ever had since I debuted as an author. The number of books released in a year had not increased. So, what was I busy about? To note, I will still be busy, and I’m wondering if someone’s holding the on switch in my mind the entire time, making it seem that I’m busy the entire time. My recent wish has been to turn this switch off, to not plan any work for a year. Once I get a year’s worth of vacation, I’ll just end up thinking, writing this, writing that, like I’m looking for novel themes, and then I’ll end up seeing through the shallow idea of using my vacation plans as part of my work. Guess having a long vacation to break free from work is a talent. Also, right now, what I really want to do is to visit Shikoku. Then when I visit the first shrine and find my bag heavy, I’ll find something with beast ears inside (etc).

After this, I’ll just read up on genres I never touched before. Actually, when I stand before the books in the bookstore, I would most likely be bothered by something, so I might as well just choose a number, look up the NDC (the number used to categorize books, often shown on the spine), and read something related. I won’t know what delight I’ll find! On a side note, this story was due to an inspiration I got when thinking about this. It’s sometimes important to discuss perspective changes.

Another thing I wanted to do was to try learning some new skills. After 1000 hours, even if one can’t be an expert, at least he learned. However, the thing I realized was that there’s a prerequisite, that I have to find something I’m willing interested in, willing to spend 1000 hours on. I’m a little worried, wondering if I would end up being an expert at looking for blue birds or something, but I guess it’s a long journey. I guess the story I’m writing is about seeking, pursuing something. What exactly am I looking for? Maybe the manuscript for the next volume. A year’s worth of vacation, or a dream within a dream…


So, now that I wrote this much, I’m done with the pages, time to set the pen aside. The characters’ clothing have changed greatly, and I’ll really like to take Nabeshima-san for making them more attractive than ever! Fenesis is really cute!

Let us meet together in the next volume then.


Isuna Hasekura.

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