Metals were processed through different amalgamations or heating, and the results obtained would differ. It seemed all change was possible, and thus, it was said there should be a way to turn lead into gold.

However, there were things that changed more spontaneously than metals. A little added material, a little control, such would create completely different things, and would appear completely different.

A single line, a single conversation, could cause drastic changes.

The alchemist Kusla was trying to accept the situation before him, through this exaggerated thought process.

“You still want to eat? Some wine?”

Fenesis smoothly divided the food, and poured wine.

It was one thing if she could just serve food and wine, but she then said,

“Look, the crumbs are all over the place. Why is it that an alchemist can handle such fine things, but cannot eat their bread nicely?”

She said with a serious look, her hands not stopping at all as she swiftly picked up the breadcrumbs from the table, and even on Kusla’s clothes. If there was some on his mouth, she probably would have reached out for them. While not to the point of being annoyed, Kusla could not remain calm, for she was beaming as she looked up at him.

She hoped to remain by his side, to take care of him. She said that she wanted to grab onto what she yearned, and held his hand firmly. Kusla decided to hold her hand firmly too. Thus was the result, expected, yet a little unexpected, gaudy even.

At the very least, Kusla understood a few things. This was the first time in her life she was grabbing onto something she yearned before, and something he could not deal with easily. Also, there was the fact that his companions were snickering after witnessing them.

“The dishes today are delicious too.”

Her entire tribe was massacred, and she barely managed to survive, yet she was showing an innocent smile, as though she had experienced none of her tragic past.

No alchemist wanting to turn lead into gold would think of turning gold into lead.

“What is it?”

She was smiling, looking as though she was unperturbed by anything on this world, asking as she tilted her little head.

There was nothing wrong about it, and he too wanted to treasure it.

But despite her giving him a smile, he could not respond with one, for he was innately lacking in this aspect.


Whenever a situation changes, one has to change accordingly.

He knew this very well, but he could not change as quickly as alchemy.


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