[Magdala V7] Afterword

A publication after a long year. Sorry to keep you waiting. I actually planned to release the volume earlier, but I had some troubles in the draft of the sister work ‘A girl sleeps in the ocean of magdala’ and another series ‘World End Economica’, and this ended up delayed…There is an important change in plot development, and we’re at a climax. I am confident this should be the most alchemist-like volume, that everyone can enjoy,

…But the more I wrote, the more I realized…Fenesis might have become stronger, or Kusla began weaker. I couldn’t help but think back to the initial plan, a dark romance involving a cold hearted protagonist teasing a suffering pretty girl (with beast ears). It’s common for characters to change on their own, and this occurrence really left me with quite an impression. For example, whenever I thought about writing, I never thought Kusla would be so clingy to Fenesis. This time, I wrote scenes even Kusla would be amazed by his own uselessness. Normies explode! Maybe of all the works I wrote thus far, Kusla might be the one who annoys me most…well, I do find it a joy to write thought. I hope the readers can enjoy it to.

Also, the alchemy theme in this story involves oxides. Actually, I wanted to experiment before writing! The chemistry equations are valid, but how potent are they? I couldn’t understand the experiment videos uploaded onto the internet. There’s also something like, a note in the textbooks stating that when the purity’s high, oxygen won’t react with metals, but how much is the purity? Another example is that the books never mentioned the kind of stinging stench from the oxides. Really, I had to groan. Also, just a thought I have,but when observing the original material to the final compound, is there a drastic improvement to the experiment methods, or that the methods refined through experiment? Did they do that knowing the answers, and so on? Sometimes I wonder if there are future humans or aliens teaching us technology, and my heart raced. Or maybe there are lots and lots of people challenging various methods, and those left behind are the successful ones, which gave this feeling, I guess? The mysterious technology of really ancient empires is an old-school topic, but at this moment, I do feel some surrealism in it.

The truth to the legend shall be revealed next volume! It shouldn’t be too long later. Please look forward to it!

Isuna Hasekura