It has been a while. This is Isuna Hasekura. I finally managed to finish this volume within half a year from the previous volume’s release.

The ending this time was something I had long thought of, and with much joy, I began to write. But then, I had some uneasiness…if I give too many clues, the readers will see through it first, and there won’t be any surprise. If I give too few clues, I’ll lose the readers’ excitement. I hope that at the ending, the readers will be shocked out of their minds.

Another thing is that, in this fictitious fantasy world, I do find something strange when writing more about the outside, like I feel it is a dream within a dream. Is this peculiar feeling however not similar for an alchemist’s story? Please allow me to say so with glee.

Also, we have a lot more of Fenesis and Kusla compared to before! It feels like they’re always hugging. Of all the protagonists I wrote, it feels like Kusla is the clingiest T.T. When coming up with the characters, I was sure Fenesis was the one who adored Kusla. This really is a mystery. At this point, clearing Kusla is an impotent who can’t not have Fenesis around. Irine was the one who ended up being the innocent girl I planned for. Just like experimenting, one has to write to know how things will develop. Even after writing for almost ten years, this is the discovery I have all this time.

Thus, after several volumes, the stories relating to the Whites have finally ended. However, do be assured this is not the end! The schedule next year is pretty crammed, and I will have lots of troubles. Once I finish this treacherous journey, I shall sleep in the Land of Magdala…

I earnestly hope you can wait for me with anticipation.

Let us meet again in the next volume.

End 2015.
Isuna Hasekura.

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