March 2019 Announcements

The following message has been set to automatic.


Main series of 86 is off the site.


Translation of Hello, Hello and Hello is on here:


Ping is now inactive.


3 Replies to “March 2019 Announcements”

  1. Oh no hellping are you quiting? I really liked your Magdala and Bokushinu translation. But if your quiting i just wanna thank you for all the hard work you have done here. I hope you have a woderfull future where ever you will go. I will miss you.

    Yet another translator to be missed.

  2. Yo, it’s been a while since I commented. Welp still enjoying what you translated. Kinda sad that the series I like the most keeps getting the removed from site thing lol… We’re they that good that it gets licenced… As usual I will be lurking. 🙂. It’s great to see you are still translating even though about what you said in uni… Hope you are doing well man.

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