May 2015 Announcements

PS: The following message was written on April 24th 2015 at 2.23pm +0800 GMT. If you are seeing this message, there is a high likelihood of the author currently undergoing purgatory.

Well, exams are still going on, though it’s gotten to a point where I wondered if there are 31 days in April. Maybe I’m not in the EXAM system, but the HADES system.

Due to a mental breakdown, I’ll be looking to finish a series as fast as I can, so the options are between Hikaru, Bokushinu and Clockwork, with 4, 3 and 2 volumes left for each.

2 hours after I made the last monthly update, I realized I’m too lazy to add the advertising fees and such, so whatever, I don’t care whether this one’s free or not.

The series I have right now are mostly discontinued even in Japan, i.e. there aren’t any announcements for new releases at this point, which I guess allows me to finally slice up a few chapters.

Of course, the reports of my death have been an exaggeration, to say the least, but I can say that I’m mentally unhinged to be willing to continue this……peculiar hobby.

My main desired focus after I graduate will be Magdala, and to be honest, I’m kinda sick and tired of the usual formulas that appear in the market, which is why I prefer to choose my work this time. A lot of the choices are deliberate; for example, Hikaru being a deconstruction of a harem life from two perspectives, and Bokushinu in particular being a deconstruction of the reincarnation genre. If I have to say however, the character Kusla in Magdala is the closest to me in terms of personality at this point, and this is why I think I want to continue with the work.

As for BMG and Biblia, I’ll try and spare 2 days for them. Maybe I should get back to my habit of translating 20 pages a day and work on from there. Haven’t done that since the bingeing on…Infinite Stratos.

As for whatsthattitle, I would say it’s pretty safe to say that it’s a hobby in the hobby, just a breather project. At least I don’t have to whip others this time. I’ll be keen to see if Vice Versa would get written though…if you check the cover for Vice Versa, the author actually slips in an afterword. Pay attention to all parts of the book when reading anything written by this guy, that’s what I’ll say. When translating this series, I tried putting ‘Colorful Box’ on repeat to get the mood, only that I realize the protagonists here are literal sociopaths…

You probably should expect some updates starting May 15th 2015 while I continue to look for jobs. Maybe I’ll go become a bishop and learn Angel Ray and Bahamut or something. (or maybe it’s just me being too lazy to go out and work, whatever whimsical idea that appears in my mind, I dunno)

Also, I don’t really care about promoting my website at this point unlike how I used to be. Just want to state now that while I’m not really eager in wanting people to read the works here, (and to be blunt, I can’t be optimistic regarding the choices of series the majority would choose, and this is why I decided to keep a relatively low profile as compared to forcing series they may not like. To put it bluntly, given the recent trend in reader interest, I feel that my hands are always on my forehead, however that works) you may spread the word if you do like it.

It’s been 4 months, but I still can’t change my Baka-Tsuki forum password…and I can’t possibly do anything in this state (more importantly, I prefer to take the Itka route. If you don’t know what that is, google Tenkyou no Alderamin)

And as for downloads, what used to be the link is here. If you don’t click on this sentence, you’re doing it wrong. (Then again, I’ll probably look for a new hosting platform down the road…if I’m still alive)

This is actually meant for users to upload their downloads, whether it’s pdfs and such, so you don’t have to go around asking for downloads. If anyone wishes to upload their items, they can do so in the aforementioned folders.



^Being Aoi is suffering.^

9 thoughts on “May 2015 Announcements

  1. I click the link, it opened my google drive account. So something must be wrong (most likely me). Well, good luck with your exam and i hope you get a not-time consuming job.

  2. Ughhh, just be a NEET and finish Hikaru, is what my dark side wanted me to say. Good luck on your exam, and perhaps I should pray for myself too

  3. i can’t open te link Q,Q. (i’m on ipad) someone got a solutiom cuzz i really wamt to read this lightnovel

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