May 2017 Announcements

Well, what have I been doing over the past month?

What am I doing? What am I doing?

Oh yeah that’s right, I’m doing me.

Reports, reports and more reports…

I swear I have enough reports done to fill up three volumes of translations.

So of course I end up doing the latter half of bokushinu 3.

How did it end up as that?

PS: This looks like a ripoff from the Strangled series prologues.

So, let’s just talk about how I end up doing part of bokushinu 3.

You see, this guy called Frozen has been translating a few series here and there, and recently has a series called majo, so he’s been bugging baftn about bokushinu v3 (Jokingly of course, please understand, we’re a vitriolic bunch)


So yeah, probably going to keep murdering this guy until…well…let’s keep murdering.

Anyway, this is the response:

At this point, we have like…I dunno, 80 pages of the volume left?

By the way, this is Frozen’s site: frozensama.blogspot.com . Go spam his site with requests to translate majo =P. Yes, I’m more than petty. I have a vengeance.

Meanwhile, I’m still stuck at 200 more pages left for clockwork v3. As I have mentioned elsewhere on my twitter, I expect both volumes to be done end May.

Maybe it can be a little earlier.

After these two volumes are done, I’ll probably go ahead to start work on v4 Magdala. Currently still editing the first chapter (it’s not my translation, as I said, but I’ll treat it with as much care as I’ll do for mine).

Meanwhile, I have set a few more Bokushinu chapters to be released on Christmas.

I need to get back to 3 min BMG…and Kamimemo, and shogi.

Strangled will be July, about 2 years since I finished the first volume.

Yep, still enough time to do them all, somehow. Though my main objective is still to finish three volumes of Magdala.


And meanwhile, as per usual, to pepper in a few words from bokushinu translator baftn:

Recently, I was asked if I can translate the harem novel by Mizuki Nomura, since it’s said that the current translator has no intention of continuing it, and that I translated Hikaru.

Way before that, I was asked if I can do her vampire series.

At this point, I’ll say that Famitsu Bunko light novels seem to be declining in quality, so I will say that I’ll decline the invitation.

Then again, I already know what my last series will be, since 2013.

I swear I’ll change the site name into Ty_ping somehow…

In the meantime, another prospective project, which I have posted elsewhere:

It sounded as though someone fell onto the road.

When I heard that, I stopped my hand from rising upwards, and lifted my head to see the clear blue sky dazzling away. The thick black shadows covered everything between the buildings, and only the sky was blue.

I felt as though I heard something drop.

But I suppose that was a hallucination

Besides, there was nobody around beside me.

I continued to insert the silver coin into the vending machine, and at the next moment, the coin went to the change slot. Sweat soaked my body, and my throat let out a dried voice…that’s strange, why am I so thirsty? I feel like a fish washed ashore. I bent down, picking up the 100 yen coin, only to hear a splat. I turned fback, and found something crimson red laying on the steaming asphalt road, a thoroughly black object giving off a bloody scarlet, like a cat carcass that was knocked down by a car.

Ahh–that’s a uterus.

I confidently thought as I watched that bloody slab of flesh. There was raw meat cooking on the burning road, giving off a foul stench. Seeing this, I felt like drinking some water again.

Someone seems to be watching me. Again, I look up at the sky, and seem to find someone standing at the roof of an abandoned building. However, that person’s hiding under the strong sunlight, and I couldn’t see that person. I want that person to see me, so I continue to wave my arms frantically. That person remained unmoved no matter how I tried to get that attention. I tried calling out, but my parched throat could not let out a voice. Thus, I wanted to use the vending machine, and turned around.

But the 100 Yen…

I love my older sister; nobody loves her more than I do. So, I have to kill her. That is my responsibility. Why do I have to tell you this? That’s because I…

Love her.


I shake my head, trying to shake away the voice in my mind. Sweat trickles down my back, my throat’s abnormally parched, and I lift my head to see the white sun boiling on me. I pull my tie out, pull the shirt out from my pants, and hold my suit in my hand. As I continue forward, I can gradually hear buzzing. This area has been gradually becoming abandoned due to improper management; the area was usually devoid of people, and yet crowds flock in to see the commotion, while the policemen and paparazzi have their cars parked on the other side. The uniformed policemen are inside the cordoned area, wriggling about.

What are those people taking photos of with their cellphones?

The moment they hope to take photos of a ‘bloodied organ’, their cameras will explode.

So I cursed, and I continue walking. If you have nothing better to do, why show up at a crime scene? How demented are you? I’m utterly frustrated, and continue onward tentatively, only to see a splash of red appear in my sights.

The girl is holding a red umbrella, dressed as a gothic loli in a laced black dress that looked so surreal. She bites at a piece of chocolate, and her beautiful face is otherworldly. Besides those who showed up to view the commotion, many passersby are giving looks of intrigue.

Ahh, I wish I’m someone else now.

“Did I keep you waiting, Mayu-san?”

“5 minutes and 20 seconds late. It’s rare of you though. Eating chocolate once in a while isn’t a bad thing. Want some?”

The rarity of a beauty–Mayuzumi said, and brought some chocolate to me. She’s probably trying to tease me, since the chocolate has clear bite marks on it. I guess nobody told her to ‘not give half-eaten food to others’, and wonder if she has received morals education in the first place.

“Sorry, I’m not eating it.”

“The convenience store there has chocolate sold in blocks, but no matter how cheap or expensive they are, the satisfaction of eating them is the same. The amount of polyphenol does not matter, so I really don’t understand why people have to argue over that. Chocolate is a poison anyway, and thus able to soothe everyone’s soul.”

Mayuzumi says something really extreme, and takes another bite of chocolate. The dark brown color crumbles between her lips.

“This time, it’s the uterus. Looks like things are developing in an interesting way.”

The chocolate resembles dried blood. My minds starts to conjure a disgusting image, and I shake my head. Right, if it can be described as a human organ…

“Like a placenta? Does it resemble it, or not?”


“Ahh, or maybe, a fetus? Menstrual blood? Probably not. This is just normal chocolate.”

“…I didn’t say anything. Just eat.”


She licks her lips, and then ask a sslightly belated question,

“Right, why were you late?”

“Erm, Mayu-san, I think you were the one who suddenly decided to change the venue, right? You made me walk dozens of minutes from the station under this hot sun in suit…”

“It’s fine, you don’t have to explain. Do you know why the uterus is dropped this time? Odagiri-kun?”

All I know is that you just want to change the topic.

Right, I swallow my words. I really want to take out a cigarette to smoke, but the problem is that the superior standing in front of me won’t allow me to do so, and legally, I, currently 19 years old, will be breaking the law if I’m to smoke. There’s the police nearby, and thus more incentive for me not to smoke.

“Well, Odagiri-kun, you should cut out on smoking no matter whether there is someone. Tobacco stinks. What is nice about it?”

“Mayu-san, please stop reading the minds of people. Also, I don’t need you to worry about me quitting smoking.”

And it’s your fault that I’m a heavy smoker due to the ridiculous amount of stress.

As usual, I swallow my words, but Mayuzumi smiles.

Her lips curl like a beast.

“Back on point then, Odagiri-kun. The uterus dropped means that the victim is a female, since a man doesn’t have such an organ With that, those words are now believable.”

Hearing that, I sigh. Is it a good thing or a bad thing to be sure of what was said? Mayuzumi places the umbrella on her shoulder, and walks off. Seeing her elegant stride, the passersby give way to her for some strange reason, but not for me.

“Right, how’s your situation?”

“Anyway, it involves a mental problem. She keeps emphasizing on how she wants to personally murder her older sister, and I think it’s best to reject her request and have her visit a psychiatrist.”

“Well, you’re right. Maybe we shall do that. However…Odagiri-kun–”

Mayuzumi suddenly raises the umbrella in her hands, and looks up, which I follow suit. Someone seems to be standing at the roof, but that person’s engulfed in a rainbow-like light, too blurry to be seen. I look away skeptically, and see Mayuzumi standing in front of a vending machine by the road, staring at the change slot in an incredulous manner.

“And one more thing, Odagiri-kun.”

She notices my stare, smiles, and continues on nonchalantly,

“Right now, organs continue to drop.”

The organs from people unknown continue to drop on the ground between these abandoned buildings.

A strange phenomenon that happens irregularly.

I meant the woman who knows the truth behind those strange happenings.

It’s an ‘inexplicable’ story.

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