May 2021 Announcements

Just a recap of what we have..



Yes, you’re not seeing things. Tanmoshi v4 was finished in 7 6 days.

Fortunately or unfortunately, there is an increase in interest for Mamahaha, though personally, I don’t really think this series will do well in the Western market simply because there’s an oversaturation of romcoms.

Knocks on wood

Honestly, I’ll prefer to get back to work on Kamiinai, since I did say it will be my last series to be finished…at this rate, I’ll finish it in 3021.


And as for Tanmoshi V4, well, this guy summarized the progress rather well

sorry not sorry.

Well, I do plan to pick up one series I briefly dabbled in the past. It’s a one-shot that I haven’t had the chance to finish so far.

I swear I feel like some light novel archaelogist with the way I’m going back to old series.


Meanwhile, I have mixed feelings about the popularity of 86.

Tenshi anime when?


Speaking of Tenshi, somehow there are quite a few readers who have been going like, “Will they do it, will they. Oh noes they didn’t.”



On another note, the toughest part about translating Mamahaha v4, I feel, was the need to get into the somber mood. It’s like, our two idiots are just arguing for the same of arguing, yet hiding their insecurities. It’s been mostly comedic over the first three volumes, but this was the volume that gets a little melodramatic.

Plays Fado Menor


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