“Mizuto-kun, is there anyone you like?”


For me, my great-grandfather’s study was the entire countryside.

After all, it’s mostly a gathering of my extended family, the aunts and uncles, so talking to them wouldn’t be interesting. For me, it made more sense to stay in this study and wade through these old books that were hardly found in a bookstore.

But this person before me had been an obstacle to my rational choice of action the entire time.


“…Madoka-san, I’m reading a book right now.”

“I can tell~”

“Can you please consider my position here?”

“There’s no need to worry about that! We’re family, aren’t we~?”


I’d been telling her in a roundabout way – or rather, in a rather direct way, that she was a hindrance. It didn’t seem like these words worked on this innocent-looking conwoman college girl though.

Madoka-san sat down on the tatami and brought her smirking face towards me.


“You do, don’t you? Like, one or two girls in mind~ Say, for, exam, ple…Yume-chan!? ”


I glanced at Madoka-san’s face, then back at the book.


“You ignored me!? Isn’t that a cruel reaction from you?”

“I don’t think there’s a reason that warrants a reaction.”

“No, no, no, you’re lying! You’re definitely lying. You’re living under the same roof with such a cute girl, you know? If it’s me, I wouldn’t last a week.”

“…You know, cohabitation comes with a lot of trouble. You know what I mean.”

“Well, that’s true~ Given my personality, I’ll probably go crazy like, where on earth do I shave the useless hair? Don’t you find Yume-chan, amazing? Does she shave in her room?”


…Useless hair? Her? Well, I do hear that women doalways have shin hair or armpit hair, but…


“Even I would go completely naked for a while after a bath. It feels good to go naked in an aircon room after all~ But I can’t do that when I’m living together with a boy of the same age…ah, but maybe she does it when no one else is around?”


Naked…with air conditioning….


“…Oh my? Are you imagining this?”


Uh oh. That’s not good.


“No way. Anyway, it’s just that cohabitation is troublesome in more ways than one, and I’m not in the mood to take of anything more—”

“Nihihi. Seeing how it’s like, I guess Yume-chan hasn’t stopped persisting, as, a woman♪”


After a few words, “See you later~” Madoka-san left, saying so,

Stopped? Persisting? What, that she stopped persisting as a woman? Given how Madoka-san just emphasized on that, I’d guess it’s quite a hassle—

—Arrrghhh~! Why does she always get in my way!?


Ultimately, I couldn’t concentrate after all, so I left the study.

I was going to take a walk and relax, but—




I bumped into Yume near the entrance.

She was holding a soda flavoured popsicle in her mouth, which she probably got from the kitchen. She crunched it, and quickly turned away.


“Erm…are you going…somewhere?”

“Just a walk.”

“I see …”


My eyes involuntarily turned to the bare limbs.

Her arms and ankles were completely white, and were a stark contrast from mine. I didn’t know if it’s the result of her putting in the grooming work every day, or if it was just natural…we’d been living together all this while, but I didn’t know which the right answer was.


“I’m going to go back to my room…then. There’s air conditioning in there…”


“Eh? … What?”

“No-no, it’s nothing…”


Like that? Was I going to go out? Air conditioning? Wind? … No, no, no.





The air was slightly awkward for some reason as we went our separate ways.

After circling around the nature-filled mansion, I was headed back to the study—


—But before that, I passed by Yume and Yuni-san’s room.

No, I just happened to pass by. Yuni-san probably wasn’t around though. It so happened too that the shoji door was slightly open.


I saw it.


I saw Yume alone in the room—sitting by the wall, reading a book.


…Yep, of course. It’s to be expected.

I silently left the scene


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