<Mizuto’s Diary> April 28th, Saturday


Golden Week starts today. I stayed at home and spent the entire day reading.

Dad and Yuni-san returned home late, and I don’t know where she went, so the house was exceptionally quiet.

Something nice happened. Looks like I can have a good night’s sleep.




<Yume’s Diary> April 28th, Saturday


It’s Golden Week, so I wanted to clear my reading backlog, but I was invited out by my friends.


We dispersed in  the afternoon, and when I returned home, lunch was ready.

There was a note that said, “Take in the laundry”. I guess mom returned home.

I ate lunch gratefully, took in the laundry, “Thank you. It was delicious,” and wrote on the note.


And in the afternoon, I casually dropped by at a bookstore and did some shopping.

My backlog increased again…


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