<Mizuto’s Diary> April 29th, Sunday


I went to the library near the station today.

I finished a book in the morning, and was about to pick up a second book, but I had a manga-like experience where my hand touched the hand of a girl who was trying to pick up the same book.

On closer look, it was my classmate Minami-san. And it seemed she did it on purpose. She’s being a stalker as usual.

I asked her why she was here, but she ignored me. She seemed to be in a bad mood.

Minami-san left after bothering me for about ten minutes. What did she want ?





<Yume’s Diary> April 29th, Sunday


I was planning to finish my reading backlog today, but Minami-san invited me out to check out some clothes. I can always read whenever I want, so I prioritized her and went to the shopping mall in front of the station.

To be honest, I’m not very good at choosing clothes. That’s why it was great to hear what Minami-san had to say.

But she seemed to talk less and less whenever I discussed the kind of clothes I wanted.

And during our shopping trip, we went our separate ways for 20 minutes or so? I was worried that I had the wrong fashion sense.

I was fine with this before, but maybe it’s weird from a girl’s point of view after all.


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