<Mizuto’s Diary> April 30th, Monday


It’s ridiculously hot today. I even thought about switching on the air conditioner.

It seemed she’s stuck at home for the entire day too, probably because it’s so hot that she couldn’t be bothered to go out. The sight of long hair was scorching enough. Can’t she just cut it off?


PS: I have an idea. I’ll try it out tomorrow since I’ll have to go to school.






<Yume’s Diary> April 30th, Monday


After a long while, I finally got around to reading again.

It’s hot, so I pulled out last year’s summer clothes from the cardboard box, but they were a little too small.

The hair’s annoying too, so I tried to wear a ponytail. It’s kinda fun to be able to try out various hairstyles with my long hair.

I spent the entire day cooped at home, but it felt nice, and I hope to complete my change of style by summer. Also, I won’t wear clothes that are too small again.


PS: I’ve got a good idea. Looking forward to tomorrow.

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