<Mizuto’s Diary> May 5th, Saturday


We had a rare dinner outing as a family of four today. It’s been a long while since I had grilled meat, and it’s really delicious, but the way she  looked strangely hesitant left me bothered.


Moments ago, I received a mysterious photo from her on my phone. It was a white dahlia. I wondered if she couldn’t write Japanese.

I deliberately gave a twisted reply, and then she hammer at the wall a few times. If you don’t like it, use Japanese.




<Yume’s Diary> May 5th, Saturday


We had a family dinner outing today. Despite that, the middle school classmate at the table next to us left me a little listless.


I did change my image completely ever since I graduated from middle school, so I didn’t want to show how I look right now. Although I was very careful, I ended up being recognized when I stood up to head to the bathroom.

(Furious eraser marks)


What’s with him!!? And anyway, I didn’t mean that!!


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