“I can see through your tits.”


It was after school, and we were in a corner of the library.

Isana Higashira was sitting with her knees tucked in over the air conditioner as she said so.


“…I don’t think I’ve ever been in such a predicament before, but let me ask you, Higashira, what are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about my transparent bra. It’s the rainy season, isn’t it?”

“It’s the rainy season.”

“It’s raining, isn’t it?”

“It’s raining.”

“It’s transparent, isn’t it?”

“Where are you going with the umbrella?”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Don’t lick my tits, Mizuto-kun—they’re poking out from the umbrella’s protective range!”

“Oh, yeah.”

“No reaction at all!?”

“I’m tired of hearing you brag about your big tits. Yes yes, you have it tough.”

“What do you mean you’re tired of my big tits? Don’t get tired of them without even touching them.”

“The saying goes that a word is sufficient for the wise. I probably heard about your breasts about thirty times or so. By that estimate, I’d say I’ve touched your breasts about thirty times in my life.”

“When did I become a bitch!?”

“That coming from a girl who brags about her breasts in front of a guy?”

“Ahhh, look, I wouldn’t be talking about this with any guy other than you, Mizuto-kun, riht? How much common sense do you think I have?”

“As much as someone who suddenly started talking about transparent bras to the opposite sex.”

“Ah yes! We were talking about transparent bras.”

“No! I’m talking about your lack of common sense right now!”

“Actually, I’ve been wondering—to be precise, it started last year. My breasts didn’t start to swell until I was in the eighth grade.”

“Don’t add information that wasn’t asked for. Anyway, why are you troubled? I thought that’s why you’re wearing the school sweater.”

“That’s true, but to be honest, it’s hot now.  I want to take it off.”

“Then why don’t you take it off?”

“Are you sure?”

“At least it’s not raining here.”

“You won’t regret it, right?”


Higashira said something unnecessarily disturbing, and began to take off her school sweater.

It got stuck once on her chest, and then another time on her face, twice in total, before she finally removed it.


“Phew …”


Combing her messy hair with her hands, Higashira turned her body towards me.


“How is it? “

“How…you ask?”


Humans have the ability to perceive danger.

And most of the time, we rely on our sight for perception.

Thus, my eyes were naturally drawn to the place that appeared to be the most dangerous.

It was between the buttons of Higashira’s dress shirt.

The shirt was tugged aside due to her large breasts, and thus the space between the buttons that should have been closed was slightly open.

It was through this gap that I caught a glimpse.

The sky-blue fabric that should not have been visible—




Higashira covered her mouth with the sleeve of her shirt.


“I can feel your eyes on me, you know? You say that you’re sick and tired of hearing the same thing, but you aren’t tired of looking at it—fufufu, how about you? Losing a piece of cloth makes quite a difference, doesn’t it? I guess it’s too exciting for an otaku like you who has no immunity against girls, hm~?”

I felt something was amiss as Higashira said while propping herself against shelf. Hm?

Wait…was she unaware…?


“… No, Higashira.”

“What? You want to see more? Aren’t you quite the pervert, Mizuto-kun!”

“No, Higashira, …I can see it”



Higashira lowered her eyes to where I was pointing—and with trepidation, she put her fingers into the gap in her shirt.

Apparently, she finally noticed.

Higashira quickly hugged the sweater she had taken off to her chest, hiding the gap she had exposed herself to.


“…I-It’s not a transparent bra, it’s a peek-a-boo bra…or something like that.”


Ehehe, so Higashira tried to bluff.

Well, that’s about all she could do. As for me, I could only look aside.


“…Anyway, I think you should wear your sweater for now.”

“I’ll do that… Please forgive me if I smell all sweaty in the summer…”

“If it’s really hot, I’ll just walk in front of you to avoid it.”


“What’s wrong?”

“No, no. I just thought it was cool. Uheheh.”

“… Can you please stop flirting with the other gender all of a sudden?”

“Hey, that’s my line.”


Higashira then straightened her sweater.


“Well, if it comes to that, I’d appreciate it.”

“I see.”

“I’ll never show my bra to anyone but you, Mizuto-kun.”

“You don’t have to show it to me.”

“You want to see what’s inside, I get it.”

“…You’re annoying.”

“I’m sorry!!!!! I got carried away.~~~~!”



And so we began to read.


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