“Mizuto-kun, where do they sell bubble milk tea?”


“I didn’t say anything!”


It was after school, and we were in a corner of the library.

As a reward for her folly, I preemptively smacked Isana Higashira, a big-breasted woman sitting with her knees tucked in over the air conditioner.


“Your body is the only thing you’re confident about, and my guess is that you’re going to drink bubble tea in a really sloppy manner thanks to the influence of some social networking site or something. It’s the kind of vanity someone would do to flaunt the natural body shape, and satisfy the shallow need for approval. Don’t do anything you’ll regret. The only thing you’ll get is envy. ”

“I don’t know why my entire character got denied all because I asked where do they sell bubble milk tea…like, nobody mentioned anything about a bubble tea challenge…”

“Don’t you want to do it?”



Higashira put her arms under her breasts and proudly lifted the two lumps of flesh.

And to my horror, the summer sweater she wore started to take the form of a table.


“Lookie look! I think I can put something on them! I can do this!”

“All right, don’t flaunt them. You’ll probably win if you sue me for sexual harassment.”

“But I don’t know where they sell bubble tea though. It’s too troublesome to look for it, and queue up for it…maybe I should buy some packet milk tea from the canteen instead…”


Higashira looked down at her breasts, which she had lifted up herself, “Hmmm” she groaned in annoyance.

I had no idea as to why she just couldn’t learn when she’s definitely going to spill it all over her clothes and cry “Mom will get mad at me…”


“… Ah.”

“Stop whatever you’re thinking right now.”

“I think I can put a paperback on top.”


I was disgusted. How in the world was she able to come up with such trivial ideas?

Higashira turned her lifted chest towards me.


“Please help me out here. My hands are full.”

“Well, since it’s a book, I guess you don’t have to worry about dirtying your clothes. How about ‘Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon’?”

“That’s impossible! Anything but that, please!”

“So how about ‘Jorougumo no Kotowari’ or ‘Tesso no Ori’…?”

“I know about Natsuhiko Kyogoku! Are you trying to destroy my breasts!?”


I thought this would be a good chance to do so, but since she figured it out, guess that’s a no go..

I paced around the library bookshelves, pulled out a paperback of a reasonable thickness, and returned to the air-conditioning next to the window.


“So? What do you want me to do?”

“Please lift it up like that, and put the spine on the cleavage.”

“So vertically…?”


Higashira arched her back a little backwards while lifting her breasts with her arms folded.

At this point, I wanted to say that she could balance a guy in that position, but I decided to get Higashira’s mind off of it.

I gently placed the paperback on Higashira’s chest as if I were playing Jenga.

The paperback sank softly under the weight, just a little.

Higashira reeled pulled her chin back and looked at her chest, her face slightly red and shivering. It I had a feeling she was having difficulties maintaining her position.

I pulled my hand away quickly from the book, and carefully ensured that it didn’t slip.


“It…it’s on…!”

“it’s on alright.”

“Aren’t you impressed…!?”

“No, I’m just wondering how you are going to flip the pages in this state.”



Higashira stood still with her back arched for a few seconds, peered at me, and said,


“F-flip the page?”


“Wait! Stop…! —Woah!?”



The moment Higashira tumbled over, the paperback fell from her chest.

I quickly reached out and caught the book. The books of the library are common property, and I couldn’t let it be dirtied or damaged.

Higashira herself was lying sideways on the air conditioner near the window.

And while prone in this position, she gave me an accusing look.


“…Aren’t you nervous that you almost touched my tits, Mizuto-kun?”


Faced with the sultry tone, I narrowed my eyes.


“Since you are, I guess I am too.”

“…Mizuto-kun, you liar.”


Higashira pouted.

What was that about? She seemed to be implying that she’s nervous, which wouldn’t make sense when she’s the one who asked for this, right?


Higashira, lying on her side, stretches out her hands toward me.


“Please wake me up, Mizuto-kun.”

“Yes, yes…”




And so we began to read.


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