It’s Golden Week.

Also known as reading week.


And so, with all the time I saved by not going to school, I devoted it all to reading. I had lots of books prepared for Golden Week, so I was totally ready to read.

I lay down on my bed and concentrated on the text of the paperback book.

I felt that I started off well for the break. It was a rather interesting book. I flipped through the pages and immersed myself in the world of the book. The moment I was done with the second chapter, I remembered something.


Speaking of which, I remembered dad told me to take in the laundry.

I couldn’t help but frown. I was getting to the good part…

Was there a legal way for me to slack?

For this reason, I had to get someone else to do this. It so happened that dad, Yuni-san, and she were outdoors…



Just then, I remembered.

I remembered that she was supposed to be home at noon or so?




It was evening, and I, having finally finished my book, came to the living room to drench my parched throat.

In the meantime, I wanted to check if the laundry was taken in.


“…Well done.”


I smiled.

I merely did one simple thing.

I made an extra serving of lunch and left it in the living room. At the same time, I left a message that appeared to be written by Yuni-san. Of course, the words were “Take in the laundry”.

And then, she returned home.

She thought the lunch and the letter was by Yuni-san, so she took over my task of taking in the laundry. Just as planned.


It’s perfect…a perfect operation.

Feeling delighted, I took back the table I wrote. This plan would be ruined if Yuni-san found out about it.


I quenched my thirst, and was about to head back to my room to read the second book, “I’m back—” and heard this call.

I went out into the hallway, and saw her—Yume Irido, remove her shoes.

I sneered at the oblivious face.

Yume frowned.





She’s dancing in the palm of my hand. Yep, just like a puppet…

Kukuku. I gritted my teeth to rein in my laughter, and went up to the second floor.

Now, all I had to do was to dispose of the message, and my perfect crime was complete—


“Hm? ”


I looked down at the message I had been holding, and noticed there was an additional line of words.

Such were the words written.


“Thank you. It was delicious.”




…Goodness me.

She wouldn’t have said this if she knew I was the one who made lunch.


I wanted to roll up the paper, but I decided not to.

I slipped it into my pocket, and returned to my room.

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