“It’s hot…”


It was so hot, it was practically summer.

I had the windows opened for ventilation, and the breeze blew in, but I was still perspiring. I was however too lazy to dig out the electric fan from the storeroom, and I really had the urge to switch on the air conditioner. I hadn’t turned on the air conditioner for more than two months, so my motivation to turn it on had dropped when I thought about the need to clean the filter.


Well, deal with it, I guess.

So I concluded, but the body remained honest. Not long after, my parched throat complained to me—I had to get off the bed, and left my room to get some water.


I walked down the stairs into the living room, and found that someone else was there.

My little stepsister Yume was sitting on the sofa. She noticed me and turned around.





Usually, we couldn’t help but berate each other the moment we made eye contact, so the only reason we were able to remain calm was, frankly put, her outfit.


Summer clothes.

And a ponytail.



She was wearing a cool sleeveless camisole, and her vexingly long black hair was tied high to. She usually gave the vibe of an honor student, but such a dressup alone gave a healthy impression.

The ponytail exposed the white nape of her neck that was usually hidden.

In addition, I caught a glimpse of her belly at the hem of her camisole, probably because it was too small.


…W-Well, it’s hot today.

Of course she’d have the urge to wear thinner clothes and tie her hair up. Yep, I get that.


I tried to play dumb as I went to the fridge in the kitchen, and poured some barley tea into a cup.

Haah. The barley tea soaked my body. Once done, I should return ASAP. Fast and furious.




Yume turned to me while still seated on the sofa.


“Anything you want to say?”


…Look at her …!

I poured a second cup of barley tea into my empty cup.




“What do you want me to say?”

“Nothing in particular?”


So she said as she stretched to show off.

Since her top’s sleeveless, I could see her armpits clearly.

Dammit. I turned my eyes aside.





I felt like I was being taunted. I pursed my lips, and put the cup into the basin.

36 stratagems. If all else fails, run away…no, there’s nothing to run away from!


I was about to leave the living room.

However, I heard a voice behind me again.

“Nothing in particular?”


She clearly sounded triumphant.

…She’s getting carried away.

I answered without turning around.


“I can see your bra.”

“Ehh? … Hiya!”


I glanced behind to see Yume frantically cover her chest, and left the living room with a snort.

I walked up the stairs, returned back to my room, and tapped myself on the forehead.

The lines of her body were slender yet curvy.

The nape of her neck was white, and I couldn’t see any pubic hair on her armpits.

The image was burned into my retina, and I couldn’t get it out of my mind.




—I recalled this incident while wearing my diary at night.

I immediately felt gloomy. So she’s going to wander around like that once summer arrives…

I thought it was hard enough as it was, but that might just be a prelude. I need to train my mental fortitude starting now …


I put my weight on the back of the chair, grr, and the chair squeaked.

Mark my words, vengeance will be mine. Once summer officially comes, I’ll be a mental disadvantage if I don’t deal with this.

The mere imagination of her sneering face left me really peeved.

Is there a countermeasure…?


I looked at the calendar on the wall.

The holidays would be suspended temporarily starting tomorrow. There’d be lessons.

Tuesday, huh…? What classes do we have again?

It was at that moment that I looked at the timetable on the side of the calendar.


A revelation came down to me.

God…are you telling me to drown her in the ocean of shame?

Very well…let’s do it!






I laughed out loud for the first time in my life.



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