After a three day break, it was a Tuesday morning.

This was the time of the year which we were most unmotivated, and the curriculum we had somehow involved a two hours period of physical education.

Naturally, we complained a lot. There was utter discontent.

While the other boys were yapping away about how boring it was, I kicked a soccer ball, and it flew over the head of my practice partner, Kawanami, hitting the back of the net hard.

I chuckled.



“Hello hello, Irido-kun? How about you reflect on this?


No can do, it’s time to surrender. The real show would start during the recess after this, and the second half of this two hour PE class.

Kukukuku…I slightly lifted the collar of my sweaty gym shirt. I felt like I was out of breath. Was it because I was excited or something?

In the first hour of this PE class, I kicked the ball into the back of the net a total of four times. That would be the future image of her (mental self).


During recess, I went to the water cooler.

Gathered here at the water coolers were boys and girls, the latter group playing tennis at the school yard opposite.


I spotted Yume among them, and smiled discreetly.

It happened that she was wearing her gym clothes with the word ‘Irido’ stitched on.


She, who was drinking at the water cooler, noticed my presence, and lifted her head.

I beckoned to her with my fingers, and she wiped her wet mouth, refusing her friends who were nearby.

I walked around to the back of the school building, found a cool wall, and put my back against it, waiting for her.


“What do you want?”


She soon caught up with me and gave me a cold stare as I stood in the shade.


That uppity look would soon crumble.


I moved my back away from the wall.

There’s a boundary of light and shadow opposite Yume, who was hiding under the shade of the school building. I could hear the distant ruckus of our classmates where the sunlight shone.



I spoke up.

“There’s something I’ve realized. I thought I should inform you of this ASAP.”

“Oh my, what a coincidence. There’s something I thought you should know about sooner too.”


I pointed at Yume’s body.

Yume too pointed at mine.


“Those gym clothes.”

“Now that I look closely…”

“That’s my—”

“They’re my—”




At the same time, our words collapsed.

I had a bad feeling about this.


No way……


I looked down at my gym clothes.

Yume too looked down at her gym clothes.





We shouted in unison, and shuffled away from each other.

And we looked down at the gym clothes we were wearing.

Wait, were these gym clothes…hers!?


“L-l-look what you’ve done!?”

“That’s my line, you idiot!”

“I-I thought I’d embarrass you a little…so I took your spare gym clothes!”

“…Say, why do you always end up with the same idea as me!? Same goes for the school we planned to attend…!”


It so happened that she and I had the family name of ‘Irido’.

The gym clothes would only have the person’s family name, and it wouldn’t be possible to distinguish between ours on first glance. My plan here was to capitalize on this loophole…supposedly.

…I just didn’t think both of us would have the same idea…!


“T-These gym clothes…are yours…”

Yume’s face was increasingly flushed. It’s obviously not because of the PE classes.

It was a spare gym uniform, so naturally, it was properly washed. Nevertheless, I did wear it a few times.

And at this point…I was wearing the same gym clothes she wore before…




Was that why it’s strangely suffocating!? Because her clothes were slightly smaller…!?

Dammit, what’s this feeling…I wasn’t touching her physically or chemically, but I felt like she and I were hugging each other.


“C-change it ASAP…! We just need to change here, right!?”

“…You sure about that? We got each other’s sweat on our clothes.”



That’s right, Yume gave such a look of realization.

I waited until the end of the first period to reveal this fact, simply to ensure that her escape was cut off. It seemed she too had the same idea, but it backfired in a big way.


“U-uuuu…! I still have to remain I’m supposed to stay in your gym clothes for one more hour…?”

“Don’t give me such an accusing look! You did the exact same thing! And for the record, you’re more perverted than me!”

“H-hah!? Aren’t we both equals here! I yearn for true gender equality!”

“Shut up! You women pull this card whenever it’s convenient to you!”

“I-in that case, you can just take it off and put on your jersey…!”

“You’re the pervert, you idiot!”


While the ugly blame game continued in the shadows of the school building.


“Irido~? Class is about to start~.” “Yume-chan? Where did you go?”


I could hear Kawanami and Minami-san’s voices coming from the water coolers. Time’s up…!?


We glared at each other…and then at each other’s gym clothes.

Yume stomped hard.


“Ahh goodness!”


That’s my line.





And so we had to spend the next hour of lessons in each other’s gym clothes.

We didn’t even look at each other when we exchanged our undressed gym clothes after class.


Let’s just seal this incident completely as a black mark in our history.

And with a clear mind, I decided not to write anything in my diary on this day.

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