“Can you see me?”

“Yes, I can see you!”

Higashira waved her hands in the air on the computer screen. The video calling app showed a real-time footage of Higashira at her home.

The angle of view was a little low, probably because she was using a tablet. I could see her upper body. She was wearing a familiar parka over her shirt.

‘It’s kind of strange, to see you at night, Mizuto-kun.”

“Well, you always reach home in the evening, and we do make calls at night.”

So I said as I looked behind Higashira. Was that her bed beneath the white wallpaper?

“I’ve never seen your room before, but it’s surprisingly clean.”



“Ah, ahh~ o-of course~? It’s unexpectedly clean~”

“…Point your camera at the floor.”

“Th-there are all kinds of possibilities if you can’t observe properly. It’s Schrodinger’s room.”

“Dr. Schrodinger is rolling in his grave.”

But well, I didn’t really have the right to berate others when pertaining to the messiness of a room.

“So? What is it that you want to show me? You went to the trouble of making a video call.”

“Ah, of course. Please wait a sec. I’ll bring it here right away~.”

Just then, there was a knock at my door.

I turned around.


“Are you free now?”

“Yeah. I’m free.”

It was Yume who opened the door and entered.

It appeared she had just finished taking a bath. She was wearing nightwear and her hair was tied up in a bun.

Yume had a piece of paper with her,

“There’s something I want to ask…eh?”

She suddenly froze.

Her eyes widened, her lips froze, and she even stopped breathing.

What’s wrong with her all of a sudden?

I was dubious, but her face suddenly turned red as if it was boiling.

“D-Didn’t you say you’re free?”

“Huh? I did.”

“Why are you acting so calm!? S-Shouldn’t you be watching such things discreetly or something?”

“Such things…?”

What’s she saying now?

Yume quivered slightly and kept averting her ways…no, wait, she’s not averting. She’s glancing at me, right? She’s looking beyond—the computer?

I turned my attention back to the computer screen.

“Hmmm…I was sure it’s here…”

On the screen.

There was a woman peeking under the bed, shaking her ass and flashing her panties.


Higashira! Did she not wear anything beneath since the camera would only show the top!?

The camera showed the plain light blue fabric digging into the flesh of her buttocks. The slight shift to the left proved that she had been sitting directly on the chair until a moment ago.

It was like something out of an AV.

And me, watching it on my computer, was acting like someone who was doing something unsightly.


Yume said anxiously.

“We can talk anytime you want…! I-I’ll come back after you’re done—ah, no, I guess tomorrow’s better after all!”

“O-Oy! Wait—!”

“Sorry to bother you!”

I wanted to explain, but Yume hurried out and slammed the door shut.

Ahh dammit, her mind went to the gutters again!

“What’s wrong?”

Higashira said without a care in the world and appeared in front of the camera.

The lower half of her body that was completely defenceless was hidden off the screen, and the monitor finally returned to its all-ages state.

But unfortunately, it’s too late.

I stifle the urge to sigh, and said,

“Higashira…there are some things I have to tell you.”


“First of all, don’t be careless about what you can’t see…”

“What? Are you talking about my room again? Yours is messier though, Mizuto-kun—”

“Also, be even more careful when dealing with anything unfamiliar.”


Higashira tilted her head puzzledly.

I sincerely hoped that she’d realize her mistake after the call ended…


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