There is a famous saying that the opposite of love is indifference, but given that saying, there’s no difference that suggest that the opposite of love is disgust. One syllogism is established to be true, but it doesn’t negate the existence of another, and that’s why the proposition that the opposite of love is indifference and disgust should be valid.

The opposite of the front is the back, the opposite of right is left, and it should be easy to flip opposites.

When you flick a coin, and if you flip it, the opposite easily holds true.

But even by that thought process, the idea of love turning into indifference or indifference turning into love is a rarity—at least compared to love turning into hatred.

Compared to how a friendly conversation can turn sarcastic.

Yes, it’s a much, much rarer situation—I didn’t know what Mother Teresa would have thought of it, but for me, it’s more common to see love turn to hatred.

The opposite of love is hatred.

Allow me to emphasize that it’s a very, very shallow statement, with no proverbial depth to it.

At this point, I’m the stepsibling to the ex-girlfriend I just broke up with.

“—You can’t wake up on your own, Mizuto-kun?”

I stifled a yawn as I entered the washroom, and saw her, already changed into her uniform, looking at me with disdainful eyes.

It’s Yume Irido.

She’s my adopted family who’s living together with me—and until half a year ago, my lover.

“Don’t sleep in every morning. Why is it that I have to wake you up every morning?”

“…My bad. But isn’t this more appropriate? The hysterical squeaky voice is more annoying than the phone alarm.”

“Isn’t it a hundred million times better than a gloomy, muffled voice?”

I snorted as I approached the basin, and Yume moved aside while combing her hair. I turned the faucet, and washed my face with cold water.

It’s a well-known fact, but I’d rather meet anyone else in this world than my ex.

It’s also normal too that if that person was someone I was comfortable to talk with, I wouldn’t have broken up with her in the first place—both of us were relieved of our burdens and had no regrets, and this current situation was a matter of redundancy of redundancy, nothing for us to be concerned about.

“It’s hard to hear your voice. Always has been.”

I wiped my face.

“You’re the one who’s always murmuring away back then. Maybe you’re hearing differently?”

“Yes. I suppose I’ve gotten used to hearing the cheerful people whom I’ve been chatting with.”

“The gloomy characters are the only ones talking about cheerful and gloomy characters, you high school rookie.”

“Why don’t you compare for yourself before saying so? Don’t you feel embarrassed to be a know-it-all?”

I glanced at her, and found her smiling. I really hated how relaxed she had been acting.

The weak, introverted her of the past would have panicked and blushed whenever I teased her a little—ahh, that’s still a lot better than her now being all chic.

She was so clumsy, so careless, so prone to misunderstanding, and compared to an ordinary person, she had double the will of wanting to improve herself.

“…And that’s what I hate about you.”

I muttered, and Yume too muttered.

“…That makes two of us.”

Yume ended the conversation there and then, took her phone out from her pocket, and began texting.

Good grief. At this rate, our parents would find out about us. We had to keep the fact that we used to date a secret from our remarried parents.

…Well, let’s not bother her first thing in the morning. She wouldn’t want to see the sleeping face of the guy she broke up with—



The phone in my pocket rang. LINE?  In the morning? From who?

I had a look, and saw that Yume sent a stamp. It was a mascot-like character jumping in joy or something…




“I saw Mizuto sleeping with his belly exposed~~~~ So cute~~~~


“This message was deleted.”

“…You saw?”

Yume blushed slightly, and glared at me as she said so.

“…No, not really.”

I lied.

“I see…that’s fine.”

Yume let out a relieved sigh, and hurriedly left the basin.

I saw her black hair sway, and muttered in my popping heart.

…Shouldn’t you check who you’re sending the message to?

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