I woke up a little later than usual today. Once I woke up, I holed up in my room, chatting on LINE.

While chatting with my friends, I recalled the events that transpired the previous day.


The discussion we had yesterday was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. We talked about nothing but our favorite books, as much as we wanted—the trance-like time we spent absorbed in the book has solidified into a memory, spraying fireworks in my heart like a spark. The warm aftertaste of it continued to circulate through my body.


I did discuss about such books with him passionately, but back then, I had to spend one or two restless nights harbouring that feeling before I could do so. At this moment, we were living under the same roof, and I could bring the book over to him to read if I wanted to.

Having realized so, I immediately felt that there was some value in us being stepsiblings—


So I thought as I left my room and went down to the living room, and then I found him asleep and naked.




A hundred years of love went cold. Well, there’s no love lost, that’s for sure.


He was lying on the sofa in just his trunks, and on a closer look, his hair was wet. He probably had a bath. My guess was that he bathed to keep himself awake, but still fell asleep on the sofa. I didn’t know what he was doing over there though.


“All because he slept till noon…”


…I suppose he’s still asleep since he accompanied me till late at night.

In other words, one could say that I was partly responsible for this..

He’d catch a cold if I left him be. Should I wake up him up…But even so, how? Do I shout at him? If I couldn’t, maybe I could shake him away? …Eh? How am I supposed to wake up this half-naked guy…?




While I pondered, Mizuto turned over while in his sleep. He arched his body and posed like a baby.

…Speaking of which, I didn’t remember seeing his sleeping face before.

He did pretend to be asleep during the underwear incident—wait, was he pretending to be asleep this time around?

I snuck a peek at his sleeping face.




I could hear the rhythmic breathing. Even from up close, I couldn’t see any signs of him waking up. Speaking of which, even he would jolt up if he knew that I was watching him sleeping naked.


“……You’d be cute with just that sleeping face.”


I muttered so. Seriously, if he hadn’t spoken to me with such vengeful words…

I naturally took out my phone and pointed it at his sleeping face. Yes, naturally. It’s a natural habit of modern high school girls…or rather, all human beings on earth, to switch on their phones and point their cameras when they see something unusual. Very natural.


I captured a peaceful sleeping face in my phone.

At that moment.




Mizuto moaned and limbered.

…H-he’s awake…!?

I hurriedly ran out of the living room. I dashed up the stairs, and escaped into my room.


“…Am I safe…?”


I sensed the presence outside through the door, and affirmed that Mizuto showed no signs of waking up. Once done, I let out a long sigh.

…What was I doing?

I suddenly regained my senses, and looked at my phone. On the screen was the sleeping face of my little stepbrother, naked, as I had seen.

I didn’t know why I took this picture.

What would I do if someone else saw it? Keeping this photo would be nothing but trouble. I should delete it ASAP.


“…… Un”


I put my finger at the ‘Delete’ button.





At evening, I went down to the living room again in the evening, I heard the sound of liquid sloshing.




I walked in to find Mizuto frowning in the kitchen. A white puddle of what looked like milk was spreading at his feet.

He was wearing clothes.

But of course he was.


“Argh dammit…hmm?”


Mizuto noticed my presence, and turned towards me.

I instinctively turned my face away.

And I walked off.


“Tch…she ignored me….”


I heard this tongue click in disgust, and grabbed my phone.

…Well, I might be able to use it for something in the future after all.

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