“My my. Lookie look Mizuto-kun, there’s a bunch of otaku crowding around the new releases table. Isn’t it pathetic?”

“By that definition of yours, we are indeed pathetic creatures, you know.”


I rebuked her for the utterly insolent words she said the moment we entered the anime shop.

The girl who made such a comment that would have gotten her kicked out of the shop immediately—Isana Higashira, was a friend I made recently, and she crossed her arms to hold up her protruding chest, pouting with a blank expression and a raised chin.


“Such materialistic fools…”

“Why are you being so uppity today? Is there something that makes you feel so superior?”

“Oopsie, you’re quite a dull one, aren’t you, Mizuto-kun. Please take a good look at this situation! I am now fulfilling an otaku girl’s dream of ‘visiting a doujinshi stop with a guy’, you know?”

“Eh? What’s that about?”

“You just don’t want to listen!”

“I guess that’s it then.”

“Woaaahhh~~~!!! Please don’t leave~~~~~!! I just got a little too carried away~~~~!!!I’m at that age where I feel smug having a guy next to me~~~~!!!!”

The big breasted girl was half in tears as she clung onto it, and I dragged her over to the relatively quiet corner where the older releases were at. The shop staff and the customers were both very troubled.

Higashira giggled as she said,


“It’s fine… It’s fine… It’s fine. I’ve never been to a place like this before, not with a friend, let alone a guy… It’s fine to get a little excited…”

“You’re getting as excited as Musca who obtained the Laputa crystal. Have a look, Higashira. See all the otaku who were just moving through the cramped shop in an orderly fashion, just reading the new releases quietly. For me, they look more accomplished than a girl who’s feeling superior about having a guy companion and causing a ruckus in a shop that’s supposed to be a public place.”

“Uuu…I believe…those are gentlemen who always mysteriously step aside for me when I walk by…”


I assumed it’s because she’s a high school girl, but I decided to keep this thought to myself.


“Now then, aren’t we here for the new light novel releases? Let’s get them and leave ASAP. That’s the ironclad rule of hunting.”



So we split up and went to the table with the new releases, and faced off against the many paperbacks lined up.

We had some idea of what we were looking for beforehand. I quickly picked them up, along with other books that happened to catch my eye. It seemed this one was something Higashira liked.

After a round, I left the new release area and looked for Higashira.

I took a peek at the old published books section, but I couldn’t find her. If she’s not in here, would she be at the doujinshi corner in the back?

I went towards the shelves where thin books were lined up all over the place. I took a quick look at the covers of books with pretty girl idols, pretty girl heroes, and pretty girl battleships while looking for a real girl.

And then.




Isana Higashira stood before a noren like a boy staring at a trumpet through a glass panel.

A certain noren.

Needless to say.

It was the noren hanging on the border to the R18 section.

Higashira first looked to her right.

Then she quickly looked to her left.

Then he looked to the right again.

Alrighty, she made a little gut pose and said.

Then, with a strong resolve of one headed to battle, she tried to slip under the noren.


“Like I’ll let you.”



I grabbed the back of Higashira’s collar and prevented her from trespassing.

Higashira looked back at me with trepidation, her mouth half opened.

“Mi-Mizuto-kun…it’s not what you think.”

“Eh? How so?”

“I-I just got a little lost. You see, this is quite an easy place to get lost in, isn’t it?”

“Eh? How so?

“So, it’s not like I was interested in ecchi doujins, ecchi manga, or ecchi games…”

“Eh? How so?”

“You’re not listening to me at all!”


It’s not worth listening to her excuses.


“Look, you don’t have to excuse yourself. I know how perverted you are, and that you like to force yourself on brave girls.”

“Ho-How do you know that!?”

“If anything, I also know that you usually stare at my collarbone when I’m sitting next to you.”

“Just kill me already!!!!”


Higashira covered her face, her ears turned red.


“It’s not my fault that you’re so defenceless, Mizuto-kun… I can’t help but look… It’s not my fault…”

“…You were saying?”


This fellow here had no idea how her ample breasts appeared to me from my perspective, huh?




I looked away, trying to divert the topic.


“You can look at me all you want, but don’t break the law.”

“What? Did you say I can look at you as much as I want?”


Higashira looked up quickly, as though her trembling with shame just a moment ago was all a lie.

I backed away, sensing danger.


“E-erm… well then…”


Nihehe, Higashira continued to give a cute smile as she loomed towards me, her eyes full of curiosity.


“I-I just want to see…a little more of that throat…”


“You called me gross~~~!”


Henceforth, I swore to myself in my heart that whenever I sat next to someone, I’d keep a little distance.

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