Tagline: The Old Flame refuses to die off.

Chapter 1 – The ex-couple refuses to address each other (This is what I hate about you)

Chapter 2 – The ex-couple watch the house (It’s my house. That’s normal, right?)

Chapter 3 – The ex-couple’s going to school (You feeling lonely?)

Chapter 4 – The ex-couple goes for a test (…it smells of sweat)

Chapter 5 – The ex-boyfriend’s caring for the sick (Easy peasy)

Chapter 6 – In the house, the ex-girlfriend waits dreaming

Chapter 7 – The ex-couple XXXX, First Half (Please go out with me, and that we’ll get married in the future)

Chapter 7 – The ex-couple goes on a date, Second Half (Shitty Maniac) (Shitty otaku)

Chapter 8 – The couple exchange gifts. (I wanna die)

Instead of an afterword: A comment on every chapter

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