Chapter 1 – The ex-couple refuses to address each other (Original title: The ex-couple call each other)

The web version was released on August 7th 2017. If this actually happens in reality, it’ll be hell on Earth. I guess they’ll refuse to cohabitate. I want to use a certain opportunity in the future to explain why Yume agreed to living together, and to changing her family name.

Chapter 2 – The ex-couple watches the house (Original title: The ex-girlfriend is making me aware)

The web version was released on August 10th 2017. I was wondering for a long time whether I should have those two cross the line, but well, it doesn’t feel good to make it too simple. 2 days after this chapter was released, August 12th, it won the top combined ranking for the week on Kakuyomu.

Chapter 3 – The ex-couple’s going to school

The web version was released on August 19th 2017. After this, I hardly wrote anything about Yume being popular. So why? Yep, it’s been settled quietly by someone who specializes in romance.

Chapter 4 – The ex-couple goes for a test

New added content, the part where Akatsuki Minami debuts. It’s a different kind of chapter that doesn’t have Mizuto and Yume talking to each other much. I feel some things stand out more when there are fewer words.

Chapter 5 – The ex-boyfriend’s caring for the sick

The web version was released on September 5th 2017. Personally, this was the hardest chapter for me to write. If not for the illness tormenting her, there’s no way Yume can be so dere here.

Chapter 6 – In the house, the ex-girlfriend waits dreaming  (Original title: Ex-girlfriend, please wake up.)

The web version was released on August 26th 2017. No, erm, for a moment, I was wondering if it’ll be interesting to write a stupid story of stealing the underwear in a Lovecraftian-manner, so…I wanted to write the whole story Lovecraftian style, but it was really difficult to read, so I left it for a single part.

Chapter 7 – The ex-couple goes on a date (Original title: The ex-girlfriend’s really anxious / The ex-couple goes on a date / The ex-boyfriend wants to protect)

The web versions were released on September 19h 2017 and October 31st 2017. I thought it was time for them to date, but they couldn’t follow through it. They were once together, but had too little dating experience. Well, Mizuto’s actually a hidden handsome guy. Doesn’t that make people happier?

Chapter 8 – The couple exchange gifts.

The web version was released on December 25th 2017. I wrote this chapter when it was Christmas in real life. It’s my style to write a kiss scene without a kiss.


Please allow me to give my utmost thanks to the editor-in-charge who took a liking to this work that has nothing other than unresolved sexual tension between a boy and a girl, and TakayaKi-sensei for providing cute illustrations here, and to the readers who have been supporting me since it was published on the WEB.

The WEB version released on Kakuyomu contains new stories involving a new heroine, while excluding the all-rounder Mizuto and the mystery maniac Yume. Please have a look. If you want to see her in the books, or more of TakayaKi-sensei’s illustrations, your promotion to your acquaintances or SNS might be useful to Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko editorial branch. Let’s work hard to exert pressure on the publisher in the form of sales volume.

This is ‘The daughter of my stepmother is my ex-girlfriend, the old flame has yet to be extinguished’ from Kyousuke Kamishiro. I hope to meet again in the second volume.

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