◆ Mizuto ◆

I couldn’t possibly know everything about that woman, just as she couldn’t possibly know everything about me. It was all obvious, but given that I hardly changed my routine, I wound up expecting she’d know everything. Especially since we lived in the same house.

In the end, I arrogantly assumed that I, too, would know everything about her.

I lived my own life, and that woman lived hers—we lived under the same roof, with the same family name. These facts wouldn’t change at all.

Now, let’s rewind to some time back.

It happened the day after that woman—my little stepsister Yume Irido─fell sick and took leave at home.

She spoke to me in the empty school library. That girl had braided hair, black-green glasses, and resembled Yume Ayai back then. That day, she confessed to me, right on our very first meeting.


—Please go out with me, and that we’ll get married in the future.


We stood by the side of the bookshelf, with the sunset shining upon us. It was there that she proposed to me.

◆ Yume ◆

I had to admit, I was shaken.

It happened yesterday. Yes, yesterday. I was going to the bookshop I usually frequented, and spotted my little stepbrother Mizuto Irido at the fast food joint downstairs.

Yes—I saw him eating fries with a girl I didn’t know!

I just fled the scene at that moment, but seriously, what was that? A date, right? That was a date, wasn’t it? I was like her, I went on dates……uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

Feeling really uneasy, I tried probing him at home.

“…How’s school recently? D-did you get a girlfriend or something?”

“Huh? You making fun of me? Thanks to someone, there’s no way anyone’d want to go out with me.”

That’s my line! I’m the really popular one, but I can’t get a boyfriend thanks to a certain someone!

Despite that, his reaction was rather calm, and he didn’t hint at that girl at all. Same old poker face; really, I couldn’t tell what exactly he was thinking.

Who exactly was that girl?

She was as plain as the old me—what? Was he into that? Hmm~ I see, sorry for not being to your liking nowadays, you know?

This matter had nothing to do with me at all, but as his family member (family member!), I wanted to know who exactly that girl was.

After school, I was chatting with Minami, who had a lot of friends, and decided to ask her.

“A braided girl with dark green glasses? Well…we’re in a prep school~ there are a few of those girls.”

If that’s the case…wouldn’t this school be a paradise for those who loved plain-looking girls?

I was shivering in trepidation, and for some reason, Minami-san gave me a really annoying smile.

“But an after-school date at Mac’s, huh? Irido-kun looks rather obedient, but he’s unexpectedly capable~! He might look a little quiet, but he’s rather kind. If you take a good look, he’s rather handsome, too. Shy innocent girls might end up taken away~!”

Yeah you’re right! Sorry for being a simpleton!

Thinking back, I found it unspeakable how I was such easy pickings in those days. A gloomy girl without experience with boys would, obviously, fall for one when offered a few kind words. That’s the law of nature!

In other words, he would only aim for those easy, normal, unpopular girls. He’s set the bar so low, you’d have to crawl to pass under it. He’s always preying on those innocent, weak girls!

In that case, I couldn’t just leave it be. I had to help that girl, to prevent a second me, or even a third me. I should be able to make it!

“…Ah, it’s late.”

Minami-san looked at her phone, and slung the bag over her shoulder.

“Sorry Yume-chan! I got work today~!”

“Oh. I’m fine here. Do your best.”

“See you then~!”

Minami-san waved her hand energetically as she darted out of the classroom. I was the only one left. I had no plans, and I didn’t join any club, so I went home.

Might as well. I’d use this chance to save that innocent girl from him.


So I went home.

I saw female loafers at the entrance.


I had another look.

There were female loafers at my house entrance.


I stared at the shoes that were messily put next to Mizuto’s sneakers, Those weren’t mine, nor mom’s. They were too small. It stood to reason the owner would be rather small─and wasn’t the girl Mizuto was with rather small, too?

Th-that guy…!? You’re kidding! He brought her home already!?

We weren’t even a month into high school—it took him half a year after we started dating to invite me to his home…!

And then, I suddenly thought of something.

…What’s his purpose in bringing her to his house?

From the entrance, I looked up the stairs.

No wait. Right…now?

No…no no no. Impossible impossible impossible! That useless scoundrel couldn’t have acted so quickly.

…But… if. Just if.

What if he reflected on his failure with me, and decided on a blitzkrieg?

I approached my room, and heard a sudden, suspicious sound, followed by frantic movements.

No…! I had a feeling I’d hate it!

…Anyway, let’s probe into this.

First off, I filmed a video of the loafers as evidence. Taking a photo’d make too much sound.

I then crept through the entrance, holding my own loafers as I entered the changing room.

Then, I gave Mizuto a call.




“Where are you now?”

“Huh? At home.”

I listened for sounds from his end…and didn’t hear anything weird.

“I need someone at home to buy something for me. I can’t leave now, so you mind running an errand for me?”


He sounded really unwilling. Maybe it was because his gi-girlfriend was at our home, or maybe he just didn’t want to be ordered by me.

“Alright. I’ll go.”

“Please do.”

“Please do?”

I heard a snicker from the other end.

“It’s rare to hear you actually ask me.”

“…Sh-shut it! Stop insulting me every time you talk.”

“Since you’re asking for my help, better handle a little banter.”

How demented was that guy? I guess his girlfriend must be one sicko like him. No doubt about it.

“Then what do you want me to buy?”

“Some uh…”

“Some uh?”

Argh damn it! I just blurted out what I was thinking.

“Ah, no…soumen! Soumen!”

“Soumen…? It’s too early for summer.”

“What’s wrong with having soumen in spring? It’s not like the soumen makers only work in the summer.”

More or less.

“Got it. Soumen. Anything else?”

I listed a few daily necessities, and hung up.

I held my breath in the changing room, and finally sensed a presence pass by.

And then…I heard the entrance close.

Good good. He’s out, he’s out…

I pricked my ears, confirmed that Mizuto was out, and left the changing room.

That girl was probably the only one left at home! Let’s nab her and have a good talk…I didn’t want to threaten her with ‘you sure have guts to woo my little stepbrother’; I was planning to warn her not to enter a boy’s home so casually. The whole country wept because of my magnanimity.

I went up the stairs, and grabbed the door handle of Mizuto’s room.

I pushed it down—but before then.

The door was opened from the inside.



I saw the familiar face.

I was shocked, and my mind went blank.

Eh? What? Why?

“…Why are you here?”

Mizuto looked at me incredulously.


“Didn’t you ask me to run an errand? Why are you at home? Didn’t you say you’re busy?”

“Eh, but—wait, wait a sec.”

Feeling completely confused, I looked towards the staircase once again.

He went out…right?

He just went past the changing room, out of the entrance…

But Mizuto’s gave me a sceptical look. He was right in front of me.

In that case—who left by the entrance?


I hurried down the stairs, past the corridor, and onto the entrance.

…They’re gone.

The loafers were gone!

The female loafers were here, and they disappeared!

“What’s with you all of a sudden? You might fall to your death if you run that fast.”

“You made her go, right?”

Mizuto approached, and I grabbed him by the chest.

“Woah!? H-hey! What’s with you!?”

“You brought that girl back home! You let her go just now, didn’t you!?”

“H-huh…? Girl…?”

Mizuto frowned skeptically.

I was duped.

He misled me into thinking that he left the house, but he had that girl leave first!

He’d somehow already seen through my ruse, and knew I was home…!

“What do you mean, I brought a girl home? I’ve been alone—”

“You’re still trying to claim that? I saw it all! There were loafers just now! Look, here’s the proof!”

I shoved my phone at him.

“Alright, you saw them, but why did you film…”

Mizuto looked a little apprehensive (don’t give me that look!), and frowned harder after seeing the footage.

“Did…you film this today?”

“Yeah. It’s not my size. There’s no way I can fake this.”

“You’re right.”

Mizuto inserted his feet into his shoes, and turned the entrance doorknob.

“It’s unlocked…”

“So that’s because you brought a girl here, and let her go, right? I did lock the door—”

“……Go check your room.”

Mizuto met my gaze intently.

“Go check your room.”


I did as Mizuto told me, and checked my room. He was looking so serious, I worried that I might have misheard those footsteps from the changing room.

“…There’s nothing wrong though,” I told Mizuto, who was waiting downstairs.

Mizuto looked increasingly incredulous. I should be the one giving him that look.

“Don’t scare me…I thought I just entered an empty nest.”

“…Really? You sure your room’s not cleaned up? No additional ero-books?”

“Not at all! What do you mean, additional? I don’t have any!”

Why ero-books? I didn’t get that at all.

Mizuto scowled, and rubbed his nape. He always did that when he was thinking about something.

“Hey! Start explaining already! Those loafers belong to the girl you brought back, right?”

“Ahh? Ahhh…yes yes yes. Yep, I brought her back.”

“Huh!? You’re being so honest…”

Mizuto scratched his head as he turned his back on me in frustration. It appeared he was headed to the living room, so I ran past him, and cut him off.

“…What? I’m really tired. Get it? I need water.”

T-tired…!? Wait, then—

Freshly etched in my mind was the scene of Mizuto doing an intimate thing with the plain-looking girl, in a locked room.

“Wh-wh-what did you do to her in the room—”

Mizuto narrowed his eyes at mine.

“So, why do I need to tell you, Yume-san?”


I couldn’t answer. I pursed my lips.

…He was right. I had no reason to complain even if Mizuto brought a girl back. I didn’t have any right to be angry at him, nor did I have any right to make him apologize.

Because we were merely stepsiblings.

—I got it, but why was I feeling so angsty?

“…Well, I’ll keep it in mind. Just forget about this incident. That’s all.”

I was silent, and Mizuto waved me off, opening the door to the living room.

The moment he did, he was rooted.

He was rooted—just standing over there, stunned.


—There were five chairs at the dining table.

That was all.



I didn’t understand.

Mizuto was completely dumbfounded, and locked himself in his room without saying anything. I never had any explanation.


For the time being, I returned to my room. There was nothing weird there. It was probably just the way I left it this morning…why did he let me check my room? Was it to obfuscate the fact that he brought a girlfriend back, or something else—

…Let’s just stop.

I quickly took off my uniform, changed into my lounge clothes, and collapsed on the bed.

My hair was scattered, covering my body. It took a lot to grow my hair out, but it was a little annoying now.

“…Did I misunderstand something again?”

A girl’s loafers. A girl sat with him at the burger shop…did I make a big fuss over nothing again?

I sighed, was overwhelmed with fatigue, and fell into a light sleep—


—You don’t like seeing me getting along with others, and you’re getting along with other girls instead?

I clearly remembered the moment I said those words.

He was usually aloof, poised, yet at that moment, he faltered, and shot me a confused look.

I immediately understood I shouldn’t have said those words.

He apologized. He wanted to make amends with me. He bared his ugly desire to possess me for himself, and wanted to get closer to me, in a way unlike himself. Yet—

I remembered the scene in the library. It was where we met, where we fell for each other. It was there when I spotted him talking happily to a girl other than me.

I knew. It was just a misunderstanding.

Back then, I probably understood that deep within my head.

But the impression I once had couldn’t be erased, the scar couldn’t be healed.

—The person I once trusted most did something I was most unwilling to believe, at the place filled with our memories.

That impression turned my thoughts, my heart…into a mess.

In that state, even though there might be reasons…if I were treated coldly, or sneered at…

I was originally a shy person who hardly talked.

But it didn’t mean my heart was silent.

Actually, I didn’t normally say what I really thought. My heart swirled with dozens more words than any ordinary person would say.

And I took it all.

I lashed out at him—like a broken dam.

…I wanted to make amends with him too.

Thus, I had made plans for that upcoming summer vacation…that was what I had wanted to tell Irido-kun back then.

But it was useless.

The second summer vacation never came for us.


—I woke up from my nap, and woke up in a groggy state.

I saw a puddle on my pillow as I was sprawled over. Saliva? Or…?

I didn’t yawn, and just rubbed my eyes.

It was dark outside. Seemed like I slept longer than I imagined…maybe I was mentally worn out. It was all his fault.

“Yume~? You awake~? Come down now. It’s almost time for dinner!”

Yes, I replied, though a little weakly. It was probably because I was hungry. I’d be fine once I’d eaten something.

So I thought as I opened the door and got to the corridor. Then, at that moment.

An outstretched hand grabbed my wrist and yanked me back.


I tripped on my feet, and the wall behind me kept me upright.

Seriously, what’s…!

I lifted my head furiously, and saw Mizuto Irido’s face.


Mizuto grabbed my wrists, and stared at me tensely for some strange reason. I couldn’t feel any warmth, but his eyes were so sharp and honest. It was the same expression that had me head over heels, back in eighth grade.

I, unwittingly intimidated by him, finally looked back, and eked out a voice,


“I’m invoking the penalty from last time.”

For a moment, my mind couldn’t wrap around his sudden words. Penalty? What? Ah, I finally remembered a recent event.

He probably was referring to the terrifying, dreaded underwear incident; because of the ”whoever does something unsibling-like loses” rule, each of us could give the other one order, so long as it didn’t conflict with public order or morality, so…

He was going to use that right—what was he going to ask for?

…Maybe he didn’t want me to mention that he brought a girl back? If that were the case, I’d hurl every insult in the textbook at him.

I made up my mind, but Mizuto’s request was completely beyond my expectation.

◆ Mizuto ◆

—There were five chairs in the dining room.

So, why was this so shocking?

The reason behind all my actions boiled down to this one mystery.

The girl with me at the fast food joint, the girl’s loafers at the entrance, the reason why I had Yume check her room, why I asked her if she had more ero-books—Yume didn’t understand at all, but it all resulted from the message behind those five chairs.

What did I ask of Yume when I enacted the penalty of the siblings rule?

Before the truth’s revealed, I had to correctly understand the meaning behind that scene. Yes, for this reason, I had to start from the marriage proposal, from my viewpoint.

—Please go out with me, and that we’ll get married in the future.

Just as I couldn’t have known everything about her, she couldn’t have known everything about me.

Let’s talk about this, right from the beginning.

About the looming danger upon Yume, which she didn’t know of.


It all started from the day after Yume took sick leave.

I was rummaging through the stratum called the bookshelf, like an archaeologist excavating a fossil.

It was after school, and I was in the library.

For a student lacking in financial ability, the library was a necessity to have a fulfilled reading life. This library was perfect, as it had everything from specialized books to light novels. I frequented this place ever since I entered this school.

I excavated a light novel of ancient times. The cover illustration really felt old, and the edges were tattered. I took out the library card, and found the earliest record to be in the 20th century. I could feel the history from this book, and happily returned to my usual place.

It was opposite the entrance, in a corner. It was a place half-concealed by bookshelves—I leaned towards the air conditioning by the window, as I usually did at the library.

My back was basked in the faint-colored sunlight as I flipped through the pages. Hmm, such an irregular expression of words. It feels like it’s stabbing into my mind—so I muttered, and I sensed another person standing next to me.

Wait…maybe that person was using the window reflection?

I lifted my eyes from the book, and found a girl with two braids before her chest. The large eyes were looking at me through the large black green glasses.


I looked behind, and found nothing other than the wall.

What’s she doing here? No way she’s looking for me…


She called out with a teeny-weeny voice as she looked at me.

I guessed she’s looking for me. Strange times.

“Erm…sorry. Have we met?”

“I…erm…there’s something…I want to tell you, Irido-kun…”

The braided girl clasped her fingers together before her chest. Because of that vibe and attitude, I had a sense of deja vu—the unforgettable moment at the end of summer vacation back in eighth grade. It was a repeat of when Yume Ayai handed me the love letter.


No, wait—we just met though? Why would a girl I never met suddenly—

I stared at her, who was looking down. I could have sworn I met her somewhere…?


The glasses girl suddenly giggled, and covered her mouth.

“P-pfffffffffffffffttt…! Goodness, I didn’t expect myself to slip up! You never noticed, so I was wondering when I should stop, Irido-kun.”

There was a sudden change in tone. Her face practically screamed that she was a serious kid, but her voice was absolutely jovial.

It was a strange feeling. It was like an inappropriate voice actor being asked to dub a Western film.

“Hmm? You really can’t tell? I’ll introduce myself again. Wait a sec—”

The glasses girl looked down, covered her face, removed her glasses and the hairband, swept her scattered hair behind, and lifted her head.

“Hello! Do you understand now~!?”


Understood? She’s the one who came to my house yesterday.

She had a ponytail, was about as diminutive—and had the vibe of a little animal.


“Correct! How’s it? This serious look does suit me too, right?”

She put on her glasses, quickly tied her hair, and chuckled.

I couldn’t tell at all..She really looked like an honest kid—I guess it’s true when they say an appearance makes up 90% of a person.

“I don’t want to attract attention for now, so here’s an image change! I think this is a more appropriate appearance to talk to you with, Irido-kun.”

“…What is this joke? I was shocked thinking that I’d be confessed to.”

“Ah, that’s fine. Just be shocked.”


“Irido-kun. Please go out with me, and that we’ll get married in the future.”

My comprehension ability collapsed, as though I had read a poorly, horribly translated novel.

“……Sorry. Come again?”

“Eh? Goodness. Hear me out.”

Minami-san approached a little, stared at me through the black green glasses, and repeated her words.

“Irido-kun. Please go out with me, and that we’ll get married in the future.”

“…Huh? Did I mishear the same thing twice?”

Dating…and wait, plan to marry? Did I hear something like that?

“Huh~? Did I stutter? I’m asking to be your girlfriend, Irido-kun. Lover. And in the future, wife. Comprende?”

“……Non comprenderino.”

Wait, did a classmate just confess to me? Less than a month into high school?

And a marriage proposal?

…Okay, calm down. This might be a trap, or a misunderstanding. Let’s calm down, gather the intel, and wisely decide.

“…Minami-san, you want to marry me?”

“I do.”

“…Minami-san, do you like me?”

“I don’t hate you.”

“……Minam-san…why do you want to marry me?”

“That’s because!” She beamed, her face sparkling with light. “If I get married with you, Irido-kun, I’ll become Yume-chan’s little sister!”




“—So after that, she started rapping off at you, saying how good Irido-kun is, like a shady salesman?”

“That’s how it went…”

I was alone in my room that day, listening to my friend Kogure Kawanami on the phone, and I sighed.

“I don’t get her…what was that…is Minami-san that kind of person…?”

“She’s that kind of person. Terrible, isn’t she? Nahaha!”

For some reason, Kawanami was feeling pleased. Well, it’s like he met a fellow otaku.

“She really improved since she knows how to fake herself. She’s been scattering poison everywhere before then. I guess this is the reason why she chose this high school, where there’s nobody from the same school as her.”

Another high school debutant? Yume’s not the only one.

“Well…what kind of person is she? I remember you said you knew her?”

“She’s like an engine, revved up and stuck in high gear—that’s Akatsuki Minami.”

Kawanami sounded more serious than usual.

“When she goes all out, she’s a headache, and she just keeps escalating things. It’s like a runaway nuclear generator. It starts to leak toxic stuff, and then it ends with a huge explosion.”

His chortling voice came through the receiver.

“Huge explosion…what’s that about?”

“Well, it feels like I’m badmouthing her, but here’s an example—Minami had a boyfriend in middle school.”


Minami-san had a boyfriend?…it was a little hard to imagine. Maybe it was because she looked like a loli.

“Isn’t that guy stupid? Of course, that Minami just went into that relationship so passionately. Every minute, every second, she wanted to be with her boyfriend, always taking care of him. The boyfriend was happy to begin with at first. The girl he likes—a somewhat cute girl—was always taking care of him. Any guy would be happy about that, right?”

It sounds so realistic even though I’m only hearing that…so I thought, and Kawanami continued.

“But about three months later, something happened. You know what that is?”

“She got pregnant?”

“—The boyfriend was hospitalized due to stress.”


No, wait.

Didn’t she care for him greatly? Wasn’t he the one being cared for, not the one caring? Why was the receiver the one who collapsed?

“That’s the scary part about Akatsuki Minami…”

Kawanami sounded a little aloof.

“You know, anyone will collapse from the stress of being overly doted on, even if it’s a cat. That Akatsuki Minami’s capable of doing that to a human. She overwhelms with excessive love. She’ll give whoever she likes lots of love, love, and love…until that person’s killed by that overbearing love.”

I gasped.

I found it a little unbelievable…but after some thought, I couldn’t say I didn’t understand.

If I were cared for like that boyfriend, with everything in my life settled…I’d probably feel that my dignity was denied. I would think I was her toy…

“Minami visited when Irido-san was sick, right? There should have been an omen or something. Got any ideas?”

…Speaking of which, for a sick visit, she fed Yume, blew at the food. Wasn’t that overboard for a friendship that hadn’t lasted a month yet?

“Haa, she doesn’t have any restraint. So now she’s going for girls?”


“Just mumbling to myself…anyway Irido, do you still plan to marry Minami after this?”

“Nope. I’m the type who doesn’t want anyone bothering me.”

“Then don’t keep it vague, reject her outright. She’ll continue to harass you, but never compromise…if she goes overboard then, talk to me. I’ll come up with a more direct tactic.”

“Overboard? As in?”

“Hmm—…yeah. It’s a rumor I heard in middle school, but what that psychotic girl did in middle school—ah, forget about that. You’ll just feel scared. Sorry, just forget it.”

“…Say, do you get a kick out of leaving me hanging or something?”

“You’ll know when you experience it…it’s really fun doing this.”

Kawanami cackled away. “Call me if anything comes up.” He hung up.

I was about to ask how he knew Minami-san that much, but I never got the chance to.


Ever since, Minami-san kept pestering me.


“Hey~, let’s get married~!”

“I’m the type to give my utmost, you know~?”

“Hey hey, do you really hate me?”

“I’ll give you lots of babies~”


She kept proposing to me, just like that. She wasn’t even trying to convince me. She was always staring at me, whether it was the fast food joint, or when I was reading, begging to be married.

And then, that happened.

“You brought that girl back home! You let her go just now, didn’t you!?”

Two days after the underwear incident, Yume suddenly slandered me in rage.

According to her, there were female loafers at the entrance. No way, I thought she was mistaken, but once I saw the video footage, I knew it was no joke.

The loafers were so small, there’s no way anyone could have worn them, unless the user was small like Minami-san.

The entrance was open. It meant that a certain person without the house key just left through the door. If that was the case, when did she get in, and how?

…I had some idea of what happened. I might have forgotten to lock the door when I returned home and went straight to my room. When I went downstairs however, the door was locked. The little loafers were probably at the entrance, just hidden behind the steps.

I was had.

Minami-san would continue to pester me after school, not just today. She tailed me home. If she pricked her ears, she could hear if I had locked the door—

It was an extraordinary move, but this was the only explanation I could muster. She didn’t hide her loafers, which meant it was done out of impulse. She probably lost composure the moment the opportunity presented itself.

I recalled what Kawanami hinted at. What Akatsuki Minami did in middle school was—

While Yume checked on her room, I gave Kogure Kawanami a call.

“It’s as you guessed. That girl once entered her boyfriend’s empty room.”

Kogure Kawanami told me…as I expected.

“Well, it’s nothing big since the room’s opened. She just tidied up her boyfriend’s room, took photos of it like there’s an accident, and there were more ero pictures on the PC…”

“More, not fewer?”

“Yep. And the pictures all tick the boyfriend’s fetishes too.”

…Why does it sound scarier than if she’d erased them?

“But anyway, there wasn’t any actual damage, right? Then—”

“Actually, there’s one thing I got to say…the pillow cover was changed into a brand new one.”


I recalled the black history Yume spoke of two days ago. Does every middle school girl collect such things?

…Better inform Yume first.

Your friend’s a full-blown stalker, you know? Like hell I could say that. That was way too shocking. But seriously, what should I do…?

I was troubled, thinking that Yume’s room was invaded—

“…There’s nothing wrong though.”

Yume answered.

Minami-san never entered Yume’s room. That was an undeniable fact.

So where did she go?

She illegally intruded upon our house. What did she do?

—Right, we’re back on track.

You get it now? The meaning behind the scene I saw next?

Akatsuki Minami’s objective was to become Yume Irido’s family. Getting married with me’s part of her plan. Her final plan was to be family with Yume.

We’re a family of four now.

Remember, and look at the situation.


—There were five chairs at the dining table.

“That girl crossed the line.”

I returned to my room and called Kogure Kawanami, who sounded rather reliable when he declared that.

“Seems like that girl isn’t showing any remorse. Well, I didn’t want to do this, but it looks like we need to shake her up. Hihihihi!”

“…Sounds like you’re enjoying it.”

What happened to that reliable sounding voice? I was being the serious one all this while.

“What do you want to do? Thought of something?”

“Of course. To be honest, we just need to have her give up on Irido-san. Well, in this situation, there’s this one move that works in any era.”

I didn’t get this ‘any era’ the guy spoke of, but I decided to hear him out anyway.

Kawanami then told me with a strangely grim voice.

“Mizuto Irido. When you meet Irido-san later, say to her—”

And then, I really regretted listening to him obediently.

◆ Yume ◆

What Mizuto requested was completely beyond my expectations.

“—Go on a date with me tomorrow.”

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