It’s been a long while, but the Japanese marriage magazine “Zexy” used a line in its advert that caused quite the reaction.

“I want to be married to you, in this era where one can be happy without being married.”

This volume is sold on May 1st, right after the end of the Heiwa. Over the past thirty years of this era, there’s an increasing trend of an aging population, the average marriage age is rising, and thus, the societal values have changed drastically. As “Zexy” has noted, marriage is no longer a necessity in life, and it’s not uncommon for people to not be in love. People can spend time with friends if they don’t have lovers, and if they don’t have friends, they can play games alone, or read. It’s all a difference in values, and thus, a diversity in where the happiness lies.

In that case, what’s wrong with a romcom heroine being just an ordinary friend.

And thus, this is the debut volume of the completely invincible heroine, Isana Higashira.

This completely invincible part refers to how a loss in love doesn’t mean anything to her. A heartbreak isn’t anything to her, since her happiness was not about having a crush, getting married, becoming a bride, and being blessed by children. It’s about how she had someone to happily talk about light novels with.

Of all the personalities who had some lingering feelings about love, Isana Higashira’s undoubtedly an isekai character with a different set of values. Her existence will surely affect those around her, just like how those protagonists who are transported or reborn in a different world will bring great changes through the different knowledge and mindsets they have into their new world.

At this point, the relationship between lovers is nothing distinct. Thus, what is the biggest happiness to a person? The variety of this happiness means naturally that there’s a diversity in human relationships.

—What do I do now? To be honest, I don’t have anything from the web version left to write.

To the editor-in-charge, the illustrator Takayaki-sensei, to the various people who assisted in the production of this work, and to all the readers, allow me to express my thanks here. It’s thanks to you that the first volume has a reprint. No doubt about it.

This is the second volume of ‘The daughter of my stepmother is my ex-girlfriend, Even though we aren’t lovers’. Let us meet again in the third volume.

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