This happened back when I was in middle school. Our class had a guy who was lively and witty, and he was in a clique that got quite an attention. He wasn’t the leader of the group, but he had the ability to make people laugh, the trickster, if I would say. He’s more suited for the school environment compared to me, who was already a light novel otaku then.

But one day, that student suddenly stopped attending school.

According to the form teacher, he said he was ‘suffering from the role he played’—in hindsight, that teacher’s action to announce this reason to the entire class was mind boggling, but the thing that left the biggest impression on me was the reaction shown by my classmates.

We were completely shocked.

The students who usually found joy from him never understood his feelings at all. People would always play a few roles in their lives, but I guessed they never felt any pain nor self-awareness about it. He’s the only one in the clique who barely went along with others. As for why, it’s because the clique needed him to play this role.

And just like that, humans are creatures who adapt to their surroundings and expectations, playing various characters. Some would think it’s a pain, some were oblivious, some would think it’s a form of growth, but there’s quite a few who would think it’s a compromise. In any case, everyone would be affected by the Observer Effect caused by others.

I felt that if I had to write a narration centered around the self-proclaimed ROM Kogure Kawanami, I would have to discuss this. This guy’s basically interrupting everywhere, and definitely not a ROM in any case…but that aside, others would feel the strong effects he had on them—if I didn’t establish this, I would think I wouldn’t be able to grasp the situation between Mizuto and Yume.

They were deemed as siblings at home, but they thought of each other as their ex. What kind of characters would they choose? Starting next volume, I shall return to basics and focus on Mizuto and Yume again.

I would like to give my earnest thanks to the editor-in-charge, the illustrator TakayaKi-sensei, all the people involved in the publication of this book, and to you who hold this book..

This is ’My Stepsister is my Ex-Girlfriend volume 3 – Childhood Friends? Forget about it.’. To be honest, I am the kind of person who likes to write the things most contradictory to my true thoughts at the most obvious places.


7 thoughts on “[Motokano V3] Afterword

  1. What a philosophically heavy afterword for such a mostlly light hearted work! All characters are acting roles that are various degrees different from their heart too.

  2. Hellping can you try translating Oreshura many of readers want to read it but sadly no one is picking it up bakastuki dropped it till vol.7 and the LN is now completed and had 16vols.

  3. I really like this novel but at the same time frustrated because every arc it always leave in a way that both parties have move on and wanted to forget their past relationship.

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