I didn’t really think of anything to write about in particular, and didn’t include the personal episode related to the main story (Mizuto’s great grandfather was once detained in Siberia to translate, which I took inspiration from my actual grandfather), so I wanted to write that part for real. To those who have yet to read the main volume, please go back.

It can be said that in romcoms, there’s an interlude where the heroine will figure out that she likes the protagonist. Maybe it’s when she’s saved by the guy, or when she found his good points when they were alone, or in some instances, when the relationship’s a little delicate, that they couldn’t meet openly, such feelings would end up occurring. The common denominator though is that they all go through the little interlude of ‘figuring out the good points of the guy’.


You might have noticed it. Yeah, Yume already knew from the beginning what Mizuto’s good points were. It’s a ‘very normal thing’ for her to spend so much effort to write about how cool Mizuto was. Then why? What caused Yume to fall for Mizuto again when they’re family—

The answer’s written in the main story.

It’s not that people just like the cool aspects of others.

A person’s character, and especially the self-opinion, would heavily influence his standing in society. Thus, the influence of the first society anyone would be thrown into—the relatives, couldn’t be underestimated.

Humans are like snowflakes in that initially, it’s easy to leave a footprint, and then they get trampled on, and smoothened. I supposed the high school period for me was when I was leaning towards the point of getting smoothened out. It’s a phase where the easily changed parts and the hard to change parts both existed. We always let our surroundings affect us, but we couldn’t just change ourselves. It’s a complicated and troublesome phase, and some called this youth—but that’s a discussion for another time.


Now then, for the promotion.

Recently, on March 25th 2020, MF Bunko J started selling my new work

‘Do You Think You Can Run After Reincarnating, Nii-san?

—probably, if it gets through the performance checks of Kadokawa..

It’s a similarly twisted love story, and also a story about siblings. It has a little sister whose love for her older brother was a little strong. Just a little. Just a little. I guess it’s about a billion times stronger than Akatsuki Minami back in middle school.

I do recommend that after you finish reading ‘Do You Think You Can Run After Reincarnating, Nii-san?’, you should read ‘My Stepsister is my Ex’, and you find the story of Mizuto and Yume to be a little more precious. Really, you’ll feel very fortunate. So, just once. Will you? Just try it for once.


Ah, and also, the official twitter account (@tsurekano) is created.

I thought of releasing some short stories there, so please follow that account.


To the illustrator-in-charge TakayaKI-sensei, the manga artist-in-charge Kusakabe Rei-sensei, to the editorial team, the designers, proofreaders, bookstore salespersons, and to all the readers—and to everyone involved in this series, I really offer my thanks to you.

Starting from this fourth volume, the first phase of the story is over. I said there wouldn’t be any heroine race going on. That was a lie. The competitor’s obviously the past self. Eh? Higashira? She’s still lying on the field, reading her novel.

This is ’My Stepsister is my Ex-Girlfriend volume 4 – The declaration from the First Kiss’. Summer vacation hasn’t ended though?

8 thoughts on “[Motokano V4] Afterword

  1. Thank you for translating the novel, i can’t wait to read the next vol, hmm, is it possible that chikuwa saw them kissing??, Just guessing..

    1. I also think that’s what happened from his expressions and the fact that there are some leaves on his yukata so probably he saw them kissing while getting lost. Chikuwa seems to have a crush of Yume and that explains why he is so sad afterwards. The subtlety of this novel is what makes it so interesting – the author doesn’t tell but he shows and let the readers think for themselves.

  2. Thank you for translating the whole volume and releasing them in one go! Was really satisfied to read all of them and thank you very much for this novel translation! This novel is one of my favourites right now and I’m looking forward for the future releases!

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