It’s a harrowing fact in hindsight whenever I thought about it, but I did have an existence called a girlfriend during a certain period of my ninth grade.

Speaking of which, she’s a so-called childhood friend, so this was just an extension to that.

Besides, think about it.

She lived next door to me, and we’re like brother and sister, and she did talk with my parents. There’s no way I shouldn’t go out with such a girl, right?

So, yeah, by process of elimination.

I never had a choice other than this unprecedented landmine of a girl—it was all just written by the stars.

Or, if we hadn’t been childhood friends.

If we were just ordinary neighbors.

We wouldn’t have such a tragic ending—but that’s all I hindsight.

The reality was, that woman still couldn’t get over me, and I couldn’t just leave her bed.

At this point, I just feel angry at myself for being such a busybody back then… right, when I was in elementary school.

It was some time back in elementary school. I don’t remember the details, but I believe it’s when Acchan—Akatsuki went to the pool with me. Who was her guardian? I guess it’s one of our parents.

We weren’t there to have fun, there’s a more serious reason.

I had to teach Akatsuki how to swim.

She’s now athletic enough with outstanding motor skills and full of vitality, but there was a period of time when somehow, she was unable to swim. To get her to pass the swimming test during the summer vacation, this magnanimous me full of such kindness decided to give special training to my poor childhood friend.

I was the first to enter the water and extended my hand to Akatsuki, who was staring at the water fearfully.

—Look, there’s nothing to be scared of if you hold my hand, right? 


Akatsuki gently grabbed my hand and slowly poked her foot into the water.

I actually had such an admirable past. If it were me now, she would have stepped on my face and gotten into the pool.

— Can your feet touch the floor?

— Yeah. No problem…

To the very young me back then, being held tightly by a girl my age and having words whispered into my ear satisfied my pride, both physically and mentally. Good on you, you’re so hopelessly satisfied that you don’t even know the horrors that will happen thereafter!!

I held Akatsuki’s hand and started practice by putting her face close to the water first. We were still in elementary school, but I organized practice stages in such an orderly manner. It’s all because I got to learn this at the last moment from the tablet PC. Kids got their own way of getting serious.

— It’s not scary at all, but I’m tired.

Kids will be kids though, not enough concentration.

I held Akatsuki’s hand and had her swing her legs, and then I noticed something else.

Kya—!! After such a shrill scream, a large splash occurred.

The adult water slide captivated my eyes.

And then, Akatsuki wasn’t stupid enough to not notice this.

—Kokkun…you can go play if you want?

She lifted her wet face at me.

—I can do the leg swing exercise on my own …

—…You’re an idiot.

I held Akatsuki’s hand again and answered her.

— Water slides aren’t fun to go on alone, you know? Hurry up and learn how to swim, and we can both go together.


Akatsuki looked at me, her eyes wandering, and slowly sank her chin into the water.

—T-thank you …

—For what, isn’t that to be expected!

In the end, after only one day, Akatsuki did not learn to swim.

After that, she would practice with her face in the water when we bathed together, and I would practice with her when we swam. Finally, towards the end of the summer vacation, she was able to swim 10 meters.

So, that summer, I didn’t get to go on the water slide.

I really wanted to play.

But…I was sure… it would have been very boring if I had left Akatsuki behind to play at that time.

The bus from Uji Station to Taiyogaoka was very crowded. But Akatsuki used her small body to quickly grab a seat on the side of the aisle, and I stood next to her, holding onto the armrest, enduring the pressure from the packed bus.

“…Young lass, may I have a seat?”

I said to a fresh-faced Akatsuki Minami with disgust, and Akatsuki gave me an even more disgusted smile.

“Sorry~? I guess the sturdy looking Kawanami-kun merely trained fake muscles for the sake of pride. You’re feeling unbearable?”

“…As to be expected coming from you when you don’t have much even though you train the chest every day”

“I do! I have them! Big, soft, wobbly!”

That’s pathetic, believing her own lies.

And just like that, Akatsuki Minami and I—sworn enemies as childhood friends, were on this packed bus as we were out to play.

Like students.

Like we’re spending summer vacation.

Like we’re a young couple

We actually went to the pool together.

The Irido siblings returned to the hometown, and I got nothing to do, so this was just to kill time. Of course, I didn’t come up with this plan. I was at home working on my summer vacation homework when I was suddenly invited by Akatsuki.

—It’s so hot, let’s go swimming, and you’re coming along just in case I get hit on.

Who’s going to hit on you, shorty? I took a flying kick right after I said that. Well, I just wanted a change of mood, and I didn’t have to worry about her feelings.

And more importantly, the pool during summer vacation would be full of couples.

So, I decided to go with her.

To be honest, when I was invited, I thought she had invited others. I never thought that it would be a pool date for us two alone..

…Haa~, a date.

Even if I told her, she would just play dumb.

I quickly changed into my swimsuit, went next to the women’s changing room, and waited for Akatsuki in silence.

The girls in swimsuits that appeared one after another were brimming with brilliance. Due to a trauma back in middle school, I would be physically overwhelmed by any female affection, but it didn’t mean that I didn’t have any sexual desire.

Of course, I mellowed out compared to my middle school days, but whenever a person with large bouncy breasts passed by me, I would go all, oooh?

Well, that’s basically the reaction.

There were other guys nearby who seemed like they were waiting for their girlfriends, and they all looked horny. I might be considered suspicious if I stared at them, so I had to play dumb.

And then— a girl who wouldn’t attract attention at all appeared.

A smug (die) bitchy (dying) gal (dead) barged in. It’s that shorty with a ponytail, wearing a yellow bikini swimsuit and a waterproof bag with her cellphone hung around her neck.

She didn’t hurry when she saw me, and strolled over. It seemed she only knew how to walk like this.

“Kept you waiting.”

“Not at all. Time flew by when I saw those couples in swimsuits.”

“Disgusting. Die.”

Akatsuki spat such insults at me, and looked up at me as though she was waiting for something.

I’m not Mizuto Irido, I knew what to say at a time like this.

Akatsuki’s swimsuit had a very girly look, and the tube top swimsuit that covered her entire chest had many beautiful ruffles on the top, making up for the lack of curves and making the overall silhouette look more beautiful.

The bottom also has a short skirt-like hemline, and her healthy thighs were exposed generously. She seems to be very confident about her legs.

To summarize, one line,

“Cleverly concealed.”

“Tell me what’s concealed here!!?”


Akatsuki quickly strangled me with her short arms. I lose! I lose! You monstrous brat!

Fortunately, she quickly released her hand from my neck, grunted, and turned her face to the other side…but.

Peek~ Peeky peek.

Akatsuki kept peeking at my chest.

“What? Finally envious of my chest?”

“Impossible, you idiot!…I’m not thinking of anything in particular, just that you should join some club activities”

“Hahaaa~ are you fascinated by my muscles that I train day and night ?”

I hadn’t done any sports since I entered high school, but for a guy, some minimal muscles this was the bare minimum. If that Irido had a little more muscle, he could have become really handsome. That’s a waste.

Well, she’s probably sick of looking at my body already.

So I thought as I turned around, and saw Akatsuki staring at my face—

“—Even if I say that I’m almost mesmerized?”

She said, with a tone that almost melted me.

I felt something wriggling inside me.

“…Just spare me already …”

In this swimsuit, I wouldn’t be able to hide the nettle rash if it showed up.

“Then enough with that nonsense.”

Let’s go, Akatsuki said, and went towards the pool.

…Damn, that’s unfair, right? Some faint praise from her was enough to deal critical damage on me.

I shouldn’t let this slide. Time to retaliate.



I said to Akatsuki, who looked back at me with her ponytail.

“I think your swimsuit is super cute.”


Akatsuki’s mouth was open for a moment, but she immediately turned her head back.

“……Ah, I see.”

She muttered softly.

…Ah, that was a mistake.

I scratched my left arm.

—I too took damage from this.

“Hnn~…a little more.”


“Okay …a little more is fine…this is fine, yeah…”

“If you say so? Prepare yourself …”

I added my own weight to the hand pushing down Akatsuki’s back.

She’s stretching her legs, and her upper body suddenly got closer to the floor.

“Woah, you’re flexible. Are you an octopus?”

“Hmph, the people in the gym club praised me too—owow ow that’s too much!”

Once I saw Akatsuki scream and tap onto the floor, I let go happily. Hmph, it’s payback for all the abuse I suffered.

Akatsuki stood up and stared at me.



Akatsuki suddenly yanked my hand, and pinned me to the floor.

And then she rode on my back.

“You need to stretch too. Ready?”

“No, is this even stretching—wooaaarrrggghhh!!”

My arm was forcibly yanked behind.

The unexpectedly strong thighs fastened my waist down, and I couldn’t break free at all. Ow ow ow ow ow! My back screamed in agony.

“Right, we’re almost done—hm!?”

Ping—, and with a crisp sound, the torture was over.

I looked back, and found Akatsuki checking her cell phone in the waterproof bag. Did she get a LINE notification?

“Oh, Yume-chan! Ehe, hehehehe…”

“That’s disgusting—woargh!”

She giggled and tied her hair at the back. You’re the one who had been saying disgusting things here and there.


Suddenly, Akatsuki ceased to breathe.

Her eyes were as wide as a plate as she stared at the phone screen, as if they were about to burrow in.

Her body quivered like a drunkard.

“What? Did the Irido siblings accidentally send you a photo of their kiss?”

I was somewhat hopeful when I asked that, but I guessed it’s still impossible. There’s no way they would do such a youtube couple thing.

Akatsuki muttered with a trembling voice.

“A-a swimsuit…it’s a swimsuit …”

“Ahh? Is the back strap loose?”

I rolled back between her legs to face her, got up using my abs, and looked at her back over her shoulder. There wasn’t anything unusual about the knot at the back of her neck or the hook of her tube top.

I turned my head back, and Akatsuki, at my chest, suddenly cupped her head.

“Ah, ahhhh…what do I do? How shall I reply…I can only think of some disgusting reply ahhhhhh…!”

“I’m not sure what’s going on, but can’t you just report what you’re doing now?”

“That’s it!”


Akatsuki suddenly hopped up, stood up, “wait here!” and ran off somewhere once she said that.

A few minutes later.

For some reason, Akatsuki came back with ice cream in hand, probably chocolate mint.

“Why did you suddenly go off to buy ice cream, and besides, where’s mine?”

“Just to show that I’m enjoying my summer well…no share for you.”

There’s no need to boast that she’s enjoying herself in the summer…well, her existence wasn’t healthy to begin with.

Akatsuki took off the waterproof pouch around her neck with the cellphone instead, and gave it to me.

“Take a photo of me! A cute one!”

“That’s impossible if the person in the photo isn’t cute.”

“Then I’ll be cuter! Starting now!”

Akatsuki declared, brought the ice cream to her face and posed with a peace sign in her other hand and a big smile on her face.

…Seriously, it’s amazing how fast she transformed. I couldn’t imagine her as the one who was digging her nostrils just moments again.

“Am I cute?”

“…Ah~, yes yes. Cute cute.”

“Tell the truth!!”


If this continued, it’d become a torture.

I didn’t know what was going on, I readied the phone so that I could get this done and over with.

I took a photo while looking down.

“Alright, is this fine?”

“……whatever let’s go with this!”

“Ffff…” Akatsuki deftly tapped at the phone, exhaled, and licked the ice cream.

“Now I have preserved my character as a riajuu high school girl …”

“Huh? (LOL)”

“What are you laughing at?”

Since she was eating ice cream while attacking my vitals, and I easily dodged them. A real riajuu high school girl (LOL) was probably having a fistfight against her boyfriend (LOL).

…Hm? Boyfriend??

I was suddenly curious about the photo I took.

“…Did you send that to Irido-san just now?”


“Nothing happened?”

“What happened?”

“Looking at this angle, it’s obviously from a guy, and there’s my shadow in there.”


The chocolate mint ice cream she started to eat suddenly fell to the floor.

Akatsuki spaced out for a few seconds—and started tapping at the phone.

“That didn’t count that didn’t count that didn’t count that didn’t count—ahhhhhh!!”

Akatsuki suddenly fell to her knees. There’s no way to stop her. Someone would have called the police If this wasn’t already a noisy pool.

“…Why did you do that, Yume-chan…”


“I deleted the photo, but she downloaded it …”

Nice going, Irido-san, now you got evidence.

“Why do you still look so calm!?”

“It’s nothing. It’s a fact that we’re at a pool together. It’s not good to lie to a friend.”

“…Don’t you hate to be misunderstood that you’re going out with me?”

“Of course I hate it, you idiot…but well, there’s no need to cover up with a lie.”

“……I see.”

I felt a bit ashamed, and unwittingly looked away.

Various things happened during the study camp, but it wasn’t like we were going back to the way things were before. I wasn’t cured of my affection allergy, and if anyone asked me if I liked Akatsuki, I didn’t know how to answer. It’s like the idea of falling in love no longer existed in me.

Nevertheless, the undeniable fact was that we were childhood friends is undeniable, and we didn’t intend to deny it any longer.


Akatsuki, who was looking at her phone, suddenly laughed.

“What now?”

“No looking!!”

I instinctively looked over her shoulder to see what was happening, and she hid her cell phone at her chest. Yep, that’s out of line.

“What in the world is Higashira doing…ahahaha!”

It seemed that hindrance of a huge breasted girl was being an airhead again. As long as she’s happy, I guess.

Akatsuki often felt alone easily, and it was during middle school when she started making friends. I guessed that was because she could finally interact with others decisively, but that’s just a shallow, extensive manner of interaction.

On the other hand, her habit of being overly dependent on someone once she trusted that person wasn’t cured in the slightest—I didn’t realize this, and had such cruel moments…

There’s a fine distance between Irido and Higashira.

Well, it’s still dangerous to Irido-san, so I had to remain vigilant. But compared to his high school days, that Irido must have matured.

It would be nice if their relationship was to be rekindled, and that I didn’t need to interfere with the Irido siblings. I couldn’t do anything while they’re in the countryside, so it’d be great if something developed between them—


Akatsuki, who fiddled with the phone for quite a bit, frowned with a mystified look.

“Say, Kawanami.”

“What, Minami.”

“…Did Yume-chan ever call Irido-kun by his given name?”

“Huh? Of course. They got the same family name—”


Speaking of which, I remembered she only addressed him as ‘him’, or ‘little brother …

“…Oy, did she use his given name before!?”

“I’m going over to Yume-chan right now …!”

“Like hell I’ll let you go! You don’t even know where she is!!”


It seemed the day to that rebirth was still a long way away.


I spread myself wide while marveling at how the sun dried my wet body.

I had a swimming contest against her to relieve her stress, but I was soon exhausted. Don’t swim like it’s a contest in a normal swimming pool.

On the other hand, Akatsuki’s skin was glowing from the water, and she put her hands at the hips to adjust her swimsuit. She looked fine, that damn physical monster.

“Haa~, I’m thirsty~”

“Please buy my share …”

“Huh~? You want me to go alone? Did you forget why you’re?”

“For a convenient sandbag …?”

“Avoid. Getting. Hit. On!”

“Ahh…this is worrying …”

“Hm? That’s something to be praised.”

“I’m worried about how this pretty pool’s going to be dyed red from the blood of the guys hitting on you…”

“Worry about me already!”

Akatsuki gently kicked my flank, “What do you want?”, so I answered “Coke.” She went off to find a shop or a vending machine.

Seriously. She got up.

I wouldn’t imagine there would be lolicons who would hit on middle school girls. Even if there were, it’s easy to send him flying with a kick. I would be more worried if it’s Irido-san or Higashira, especially  Higashira…there’s no way she wouldn’t be attracting attention at the pool, given her body…

While I regained stamina by watching couples play in the pool,

“Hey, are you alone?”

So I heard such a voice.

Ah—they’re here. If we’re talking summer pool, we’d obviously talk about getting hit on—so I thought, but that was a woman, right?

I turned around incredulously and saw two big sisters in sexy swimsuits standing side by side.

They squatted down, as though they wanted to see my face clearly.


“You’re not here with friends? That’s rare?”

“We came here together, but it’s a little lonely~”

Four soft fruits dangled before me, as though they were paraded on purpose. One of them was a pale brunette, and the other was a brown haired one who was somewhat tanned. They had healthy, taut bodies, and there was rather skimpy fabric on their hourglass figures.

W-wait a second…is this …

I gasped, and just in case I was mistaken, I asked the two sisters.

“Are you…talking to me …?”

“Yes yes. You, yes you.”

“I guess this is reverse wooing, maybe? Ahaha!”

A reverse wooing! It actually existed…?

I didn’t know how to react to this unknown situation, and the two big sisters sat on both sides, cutting off my retreat.

“Hey, now that I look closely, don’t you have great muscles?”

“You’re quite a hunk. Do you usually do sports?”

The two big sisters had a nice smell, and were giving off a nice smell as they pinched my shoulders and arms on both sides. I answered,

“N-not really…just strength training…”

“Heh~! Guess you’re working hard.”

“You worked so hard to train your muscles, isn’t it a pity to just swim alone?…How about you come with us?”

The brown haired older big sister whispered at my ear, and put her breasts on my arm.

And as though predetermined, the brunette big sister latched onto my other arm, pushing her ample breasts onto me.

Woahh, aaaahhhh!

Th-they’re really forceful…! They’re so motivated to create unforgettable summer memories with an adorable high school student!

If I were an ordinary high school boy, obviously I would be dragged by the nose. Soon after, I would be brought to an unfamiliar room, and spend a dreamlike time.

But that’s impossible for me.


My body shivered all over, and following that, nausea.

The aroma from the two big sisters was filled with affection, and they dug up my old wounds.

“Hey, can we? You’ll enjoy this, right?”

“We’ll treat~. We can exchange numbers, you know?”

……This feeling’s really unbearable……

Ever since I became like this, I received affections from girls a few times…but this was the hardest hurdle…I couldn’t answer them properly…

I started to regret paying attention to my appearance. I should have looked all boring and plain rather than suffer this…

Argh…I should reject them…if this kept up, I would vomit out the lunch from my stomach…

“There’s a slide opposite. Shall we go there to play?”

“That’s good~! Let’s go let’s go ~”

“—What are you doing?”

Right when the big sisters were about to decide me for, a shorty girl showed up with the sun in the background.

Holding a PET bottle and a Coke can separately in her hands was Akatsuki Minami.

The two big sisters blinked away at the girl who was looking peeved at me.


“…You’re the little sister?”

Akatsuki raised her eyebrows at this totally expected reaction.

“I’m his girlfriend,  got a problem?”

A few seconds later.

It probably took them some time to understand the situation, and then they  suddenly pulled away from me.

“What, seriously~! You’re not alone!?”

“We would have let go if you told us you brought your girlfriend here!? Really really!”

The big sisters then apologized to Akatsuki, going all “Sorry~!” “We’ll leave right away!” as they tried to appease while hurrying off. “Ack, we messed up~!” “He suits my tastes though~!” Their voices vanished into the crowd.



Akatsuki and I were left looking at each other for a while.

Anyway, it seemed…I was saved.

The chills and nausea slowly faded away, and I was able to talk. Finally, I heaved a sigh of relief, and said.

“Sorry…you helped me out—”

“That was aallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll a lie.”


Akatsuki declared with a vague statement, and sat down next to me—where the big sisters sat.

“Girlfriend and all that, it’s all a lie. I’m not pretending to be your girlfriend now either, so don’t worry.”

She said nonchalantly, “hm” and handed me a can of Coke.

I received the Coke, and smiled.



“I won’t hang out with any girl other than you.”

“Hearygh ~?”

Akatsuki’s tone suddenly dropped, and she rolled her eyes.

“Eh, huh? W-what? What’s going on?”

“I don’t have a choice. You’re the only girl who’s cold to me, but also always by my side.”

“Ah-ahhh, I see …”

” I don’t know what will happen to my body if I ever receive a confession, really.”

I pulled open the can, took a sip of the sweet carbonic acid, and the chill and nausea were beautifully swept away.

Akatsuki cupped her knees and looked at me unhappily.

“What a hassle. Do you think you’re popular?”

“Well I am, as you just saw.”

“All I see is a virgin who is easily ara ara’ed.”

“It’s a cardinal sin for me not to be able to like older ones. When I become a senpai, I should pay attention to those younger than me too.”

“How dare you say that, you self-conscious guy”

Akatsuki opened her PET bottle, drank the carbonated drink, and held it in her mouth.

She never drank carbonic drinks before though.

Whether it’s swimming, communication skills, or mentally…the way she grew was really something I admired.

One day, even I would be left behind by her…

“Don’t leave me behind. I want to avoid being wooed.”

“…You look all horny when you saw those huge bonkers.”

“Like hell I was! Didn’t you see my pale face!?”


A lot of things happened, but we spent the rest of the time happily playing in the water after that.

We floated in the pool on swimming rings, did pro wrestling in the water—and took the water slide together.

We were about the same size back when I practiced with her, but now there’s such a big difference. While sitting back and forth at the start of the slide, Akatsuki’s body fit perfectly between my legs.

“Feels like you’re going to be blown off the slide, you’re too light.”

“Don’t say such a scary thing!”

Akatsuki wrapped my arms around her waist…and muttered..

“…Make sure you grab me.”

“Got it.”

As she wished, I held her slender waist tightly so she wasn’t thrown into the air, but slid down smoothly.

The wish I had in elementary school was finally fulfilled.

—If it ended here, it should become a wonderful memory.

“H-hey…wait a sec, look at that!”

“Hm? What’s that—ugh!”

What caused me to frown was what happened in the evening, when it was almost time to go back, when I went to the shower room.

I felt lucky that we didn’t have to queue…but there was a bunch of unpleasant people who showed up from the pool.

Our classmates.

I saw those familiar faces, and worse, they came as both boys and girls.

What if they saw Akatsuki and I together?

Answer’s obvious. Considering what happened the last time during the study camp, there’s no way we could salvage the situation.

“Not good…! Hide!”

I said before that it’s not so shameful we needed to cover up with lies, but that’s only for people who had some dignity. It seemed they too were headed to the showers, and were already nearby. I got to hide…somewhere…!

“Can’t you just come in!? Over here!”


When I was hesitating, Akatsuki grabbed my hand.

While I was wondering where to go, she opened the door of the empty shower room and pushed me in.

And then she too entered.


“Phew” she closed the door immediately, and let out a sigh of relief..

“That was clo—……”

“(No, this makes it more dangerous!)”

I couldn’t help but retort softly.

Two of us were cramped together In a cramped space, the size of a fitting room. It was barely large enough to the point where the two of us had to hug, and we couldn’t move at all.

“(We-we got no choice! I couldn’t think of any other way!)”

“(Couldn’t we have entered separate showers!? There’s a lot of empty ones!)”


“(Are you an idiot!)”

At that moment, there were voices outside the door, and we all shut up.

I leaned my back against the inner wall, and Akatsuki pressed her face against my chest, hugging me tightly. I held my breath, and this time, my heart’s pounding like crazy. There’s no way Akatsuki wouldn’t have noticed the accelerated heartbeat when she’s clinging onto my chest.

“(Sh-shower…switch on the tap.)”


Indeed, it would seem strange if I didn’t switch on the shower. I turned my back, turned the knob, and the hot water pouring down made a rustling sound, slightly muffling the sound of a restless heartbeat..

My already dried body was again wet with hot water.

I looked at Akatsuki’s ponytail on her neck. Similarly, my fingers were wrapped around her slender waist, clinging onto her skin. That’s how it used to be. Whenever I hugged her, I found her diminutive, gorgeous and precious, and I had an urge to protect her. But whenever I thought of protecting her, I was stopped by her unimaginably feisty heart…

“Say say, who are you aiming for?” ”Eh~? I’m not really into~”

I tensed up at the voices coming from outside the door. The arms wrapped around my waist gradually exerted strength, and the moist skin pulled us closer, “Ah,” Akatsuki muttered.

“Start dressing up man! Didn’t you say that you’d have a girlfriend during summer vacation?” “I did, but I don’t think I need to rush…” “Man~ you sure see how it goes huh!”

If it was just a little sound, I could disguise it with the shower sounds. But I was a little uneasy, and pinned Akatsuki to my chest to prevent her from making a sound. Akatsuki was startled and struggled a little…but immediately calmed down and wrapped her arms back around my back.

My left leg was placed between Akatsuki’s legs, as if she were sitting on my lap. I couldn’t deny that I felt the difference from a guy’s thighs, I immediately purged such thoughts. In this situation, I couldn’t let her notice the obvious difference between men and women.

Hurry up and leave already so that we can get out …!

So I prayed, “by the way” and then I heard this.

“In those ero mangas, a shower room is where couples do all sorts of lewd things.”

We were taken aback.

We’re not doing anything erotic! At least let me draw the line here …!

“Oy you idiot, we got people in here!” “Sorry~! This guy’s an idiot!”

Akatsuki squirming in my arms. I didn’t want to see her face right now, but if I could, it probably would be indescribable.

I wasn’t in the mood to reply, but it seemed they laughed away as they entered the shower rooms.

I wanted to look outside to check on the situation…and I slowly removed my hands from Akatsuki’s waist, but she immediately left me as though she wanted to barge out.

It’s an expected reaction…it happened all of a sudden, but we were hugging each other. We weren’t even dating, I shouldn’t even be doing that to someone who just had a break up—let alone one I broke up with.

In the heat of the shower, Akatsuki bowed her head with her back against the door. I wanted to apologize to her frankly, but before that—

“(…S-sorry …)”

The wet ponytail was at her lips, hiding her expression.

“(If this keeps up…I-I won’t be able to hold it anymore …!)”

She whispered, quietly opened the door, and left me behind as she exited.

Ssssst—I could only hear the showers at my ear.

…Hold it.

She said, hold it.


I opened my mouth towards the ceiling, and rinsed it with the shower.

That’s my line dammit!!

We were on our way back, and the mood was as awkward as we imagined.



We didn’t sit side by side on the bus, but front and back.

There wasn’t any conversation between us, and for several minutes, we just listened to the noise around us.

I thought we would part over such a gaudy atmosphere today…humans couldn’t win against after all, cannot overcome physiological happenings after all.

We changed to the train, and the moment we sat down, Akatsuki fell asleep.

I noticed her rubbing her eyes sleepily just now, and it seemed she finally reached her limit. It’s no wonder she was sleepy, since she swam so ferociously.

I wanted to sit in the opposite seat, but I changed my mind.

I sat down next to Akatsuki.

“I’ll lend you my shoulder.”

Akatsuki didn’t even look at me,

“Nn…thanks~, Kokkun……”

She uttered softly, and leaned her head on my shoulder.

I could immediately hear her peaceful breathing.

…Haa, seriously, I was angry at myself for being such a busybody.

I wouldn’t suffer so much if I hadn’t followed her to the pool on this day. I should have spent the day in peace and quiet.

But, well, sorta.

I guessed…I enjoyed myself more with this troublesome childhood friend of mine.

—Well, it seemed at the very end, I,

I just couldn’t leave her alone.


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      1. I actually like this more than the main one because I just don’t feel any kind of romantic future for the both of them.

        While for this, there’s a chance for them to get back together.

  1. … Bleh. More of these? I was kinda more on-board before, but when my first reaction to realizing we’re off the (supposedly) main characters again is to stop reading, dither around, visit the comments, write a comment, and then probably continue dithering and maybe go do something else… Well. Yeah. Doesn’t say great things about the sheer amount of time being spent on the (so-called) side characters.

    Really wish these side characters were kept way more contained. In small doses they could be great, and be a really nice way to help develop the main characters and all that. But… we don’t have just a few chapters per volume. And then we keep getting entire chapters devoted to these other guys. At that point, they aren’t supporting the main characters so much as they are just sort of taking over themselves.

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